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Nestlé announces Chippewa Valley Expansion

Chippewa Valley, Wisconsin (December 7th, 2020)-Nestlé announced that it is investing $50 million to expand and modernize their Nestlé Health Science manufacturing site. Located in Eau Claire Wisconsin, the expansion will add another 70 new jobs to the Chippewa Valley area. According to a company press release, the new production lines are expected to be operational in early 2022. “This major investment will make the Eau Claire facility Nestlé’s largest Health Science manufacturing site,” Jean-Denis Fournier, vice president of technical and production for Nestlé Health Science USA, said. The Eau Claire facility and division of Nestlé creates nutrition products used by health care institutions, patients, and consumers. The plant’s current production lines include BOOST nutritional drinks, Gerber and Good Start baby formulas, and medical nutrition products under the names Peptamen and IMPACT. The [...]

Nestlé announces Chippewa Valley Expansion2020-12-22T13:22:13-06:00

VES Co-Founder John McBride Announces Retirement

John McBride said he’s dedicated his career to improving the health of cows, which in turn, leads to higher milk production. Since its founding in 2008, VES has been the global leader in innovating Animal-Centered Environments (ACE) to optimize cow health and welfare at many of the world’s most successful dairies. From its headquarters in Chippewa Falls, VES has designed ACEs for customers in 30 countries. VES Environmental Solutions is a premium manufacturer and sourcing company of ventilation equipment for industrial, agricultural and horticultural industries. Their wide variety of air circulation fans, exhaust fans, ventilation fans, ceiling fans, fiberglass fans make them one of the leaders in the HVAC industry. Their team of design engineers has developed some of the most energy efficient, quiet, low maintenance and innovative ventilation components in the world. [...]

VES Co-Founder John McBride Announces Retirement2020-11-11T11:58:26-06:00

Press Release – Xcel Energy Certified Shovel-Ready Site Program Assists Chippewa Falls, WI

CHIPPEWA FALLS, WI - October 16, 2019 - German-based global logistics company, DHL Real Estate Solutions, broke ground to construct a $6.8M, 124,000-square-foot warehouse facility project within the Lake Wissota Business Park (LWBP). Xcel Energy launched their multi-state, certified shovel-ready program a year ago and now has 36 certified shovel-ready sites throughout their service territory. The Lake Wissota Business Park in Chippewa County, is a one of six certified shovel-ready Xcel sites in Wisconsin. The certificated shovel-ready program helps to expedite the business location process by making sites like LWBP more attractive to companies like DHL, and other site-selection consultants looking to expand their businesses. To be declared certified shovel-ready by Xcel Energy, a site must have a base level of defined boundaries with a clear title, an established price, defined utility capacity, [...]

Press Release – Xcel Energy Certified Shovel-Ready Site Program Assists Chippewa Falls, WI2019-10-30T15:55:36-05:00

Freight Forwarders 101 Event was a great success!

Lake Hallie, WI (US) July 24, 2019 – On July 24th, 2019 “Freight Forwarding 101” was held in Lake Hallie at Mid- State Truck Service Inc. where a dozen local businesses interested in learning about expanding their business through exporting attended this event. Increasing our local exports is an important activity of the Chippewa County Economic Development Corporation (CCEDC) because of its possibilities for county growth, CCEDC understands that over 90% of the world’s population and 80% of the world’s buying power lies outside Wisconsin and the United States. “Any local business needing to expand to the next level must consider exporting as a key part in that expansion strategy,” stated Charlie Walker of CCEDC. Exporting opportunities are not widely pursued by the majority of Chippewa Valley businesses. Less than 1 percent of [...]

Freight Forwarders 101 Event was a great success!2019-08-28T16:59:07-05:00

Historic Steam Locomotive Arrives in Chippewa Valley

Altoona, WI (US) July 23, 2019 – Since 1847, rail has had a significant impact on Wisconsin’s mobility and economic prosperity. There is no doubt that freight, intercity passenger, and commuter rail all benefit our local economy. Railroads have played a critical role in the development of the Chippewa Valley because important sectors of our local economy depend on freight rail to deliver low-value, high-volume, heavy commodities. They link raw materials and finished products to markets throughout North America and overseas. Finally, our freight-dependent industries, utilize train cars as moving warehouses, allowing manufacturers and producers to reduce inventory and warehousing costs while improving their competitive positions in the global marketplace. On July 23, 2019 several thousand Chippewa Valley businesses and citizens took part in recognizing the importance of the railroad and welcomed the [...]

Historic Steam Locomotive Arrives in Chippewa Valley2019-08-28T16:58:57-05:00

Drylock Technologies Celebrates New USA Operations Location

Eau Claire, WI (US) October 23, 2018 – Over a hundred and fifty community leaders, and employees of Drylock Technologies, a dynamic family owned Belgian based group celebrated Drylock’s expansion of its Eau Claire, Wisconsin office building and advanced adult incontinence production facility. In 2017, the Belgium company expanded its operations into the United States with the acquisition of Presto Absorbant Products. Drylock Technologies invested 30 million dollars in capital investments to expand its production capabilities and a new headquarters building for its USA operations.  Drylock Technologies ( is a business headquartered in Zele (Belgium), owned by the Van Malderen family and operated by a management team with extensive experience and proven capability in the absorbent hygiene industry. The company now employs 2600 worldwide. Founder and CEO of Drylock Technologies, Mr. Bart Van [...]

Drylock Technologies Celebrates New USA Operations Location2019-08-27T16:33:01-05:00

Hatch Event

Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin (September 28, 2018) – Chippewa County Economic Development Corporation (CCEDC) hosted the County's first HATCH event on September 27, 2018 at the Chippewa River Distillery in Chippewa Falls. Over one hundred attendee’s participated in the event aimed at strengthening the Chippewa Valley’s ecosystem for business startups. Similar to the Shark Tank Television Show, a panel of local judges selected the best business idea pitched to them by registered entrepreneurs. The event provided the opportunity for local entrepreneurs to share their fresh and creative business ideas to supportive investors, businesses, and community members.  HATCH, presenters had five minutes to delivery their pitch in front of judges and a live audience. The audience had the opportunity to evaluate and vote for their favorite “business pitches” as well. The Hatch judges selected for [...]

Hatch Event2019-08-28T16:58:08-05:00

Nordson EDI

Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin (October 18, 2018) – Nordson Extrusion Dies Industries, a Chippewa Falls manufacturer has reached an agreement to open a new $18 million facility in the Lake Wissota Business Park. Nordson EDI and the Chippewa Falls City Council approved a developer’s agreement on a 16.6-acre parcel Tuesday. Nordson has been processing thermoplastic materials since 1971 and are experts in polymer processing solutions and have crafted systems used worldwide to melt, extrude and pelletize polymers. These dies are exported to vendors across the globe and contracts include countries in China, Germany, Japan, Mexico and Indonesia. Locally, Nordson EDI employs around 270 workers between three facilities, which are all located in Chippewa Falls. Charlie Walker, Chippewa County Economic Development Corporation, President/CEO said he began working with the company on the new headquarters in [...]

Nordson EDI2019-08-28T16:57:10-05:00

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