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Background of Success

Today, the birthplace of Seymour Cray and the super computer, the City of Chippewa Falls has grown to be an economic powerhouse where companies like Cray, WS Darley, TTM, Nordson EDI, HPE, EOG Resources, Advanced Laser Machine, and numerous others have prospered.

Diversity in Industry

Our diverse business community is welcoming to the entrepreneurial spirit, setting the stage for new company expansions such as the Mills Fleet Farm Distribution. Operated by DHL, this over 1 million square foot state of the art distribution facility employs over 450 full time quality workers.

Leveraging on this massive accomplishment, DHL has announced the construction on another supply chain logistics solution center within Chippewa Fall’s Lake Wissota Business Park. The new 125,000 square foot facility is scheduled to break ground in late April or early May 2019 and will employ an additional 40 full time employees.

The Chippewa County Economic Development Corporation (CCEDC) worked with DHL on the project business. “The fact that Xcel Energy Certified the Lake Wissota Business Park as shovel ready really communicated to DHL that aggressive timelines could be met.” noted CCEDC President Charlie Walker. “Add the factor of DHL’s experience with Chippewa Valley’s quality labor and the business case for Chippewa Falls was a correct one.”

Our city boasts of many other successful businesses in Chippewa County like Spectrum Industries, Mason Companies, ITW Deltar, Great Northern Corp., also rely the regions 80,000 plus quality workforce. Enhancing this workforce in Chippewa County are exceptional educational institutions like Chippewa Valley Technical College, which offers customized training to meet local companies workforce needs.

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