Business Expansion and Retention (BEAR)

Our existing businesses are our largest priority. We started the BEAR (Business Expansion and Retention) Program in 2007 to provide them with the information and resources needed to prosper in the Chippewa Valley.

The BEAR Program is currently made up of BEAR Discussions, BEAR Lunch & Learns, BEAR Listening Sessions, BEAR Visits, and the BEAR Discussions Podcast.

CEDC likes to check on Chippewa Valley businesses consistently, which is what BEAR Visits are for. We average over 40 business visits each year. Through that interaction, we are able to develop programs, advocate for issues, and stay abreast of the latest trends that impact our region’s existing businesses.

BEAR Lunch & Learns are where we get down to the nitty gritty of business education and focus on topics related to local industries, current issues, and more. We currently host one BEAR Lunch & Learn a month. Please contact us if you have an important concept that you would like to teach at a BEAR Lunch & Learn.

BEAR Discussions are conversations that we have with existing businesses about the Threats, Opportunities, Weaknesses, and Strengths (TOWS) for Chippewa County in the areas of business growth and retention.

The BEAR Discussions Podcast is an intimate and casual conversation between the CEDC hosts and the entrepreneur guest. Learn the stories of Chippewa Valley entrepreneurs and learn more about the industry they work in as we ask the questions you wish you could ask.

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