Relocating to Chippewa County

Resources to Make a Successful Move

When you decide to relocate your business, the CCEDC is your partner in considering all of the important factors impacting your bottom line. We will help you to consider, respond to, and optimize:

  • Growth – CCEDC will help you consider every angle of growth and viability when your business moves, whether it’s within the Chippewa Valley or from far outside our region.

  • Taxes – We provide resources to consider the ways different tax rates will affect your business, such as rental tax, income tax, sales tax, and any incentive programs to make you aware of.

  • Market Research + Competition – We can help you understand our local market and provide materials so you can determine if your target market is available here, and what competition you may be facing.

  • Employee Considerations – It’s critical to consider if your employers will be following you or if you’ll be counting on the local talent pool.

  • Connections – We connect business to service providers, utilities, vendors, incentive programs, and more.

  • Company Culture – A move may impact the company culture for your current and future employees. The CCEDC has legacy standing in the area and can assist with any company culture concerns.

  • Expenses – There are many different factors to consider in the budget when you move your business. Different lease, service providers, taxing bodies, marketing, training, talent procurement, and upgraded/expanded infrastructure.

While moving your business can be daunting, you have a partner in CCEDC to help make the move easier and more informed.

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