A Business Environment That Attracts & Fosters Growth

Affordable, Beautiful, Convenient, and Diverse.

Located in a rapidly growing strategic area, the Chippewa Valley is centrally located in the Mid-West of Wisconsin and uniquely positioned to serve you and your business needs. Chippewa County, WI being in a right-to-work state with a fully-funded pension program, is an ideal location for any ambitious company who is looking for a local workforce that has a strong work ethic. You’ll find that we have some of the best schools in the state, safe and friendly communities, and a low-to-moderate cost of living, Chippewa County is rapidly emerging as a premier choice for business and talent expansion in Wisconsin.

Quality infrastructure is critical to support supply chains, facilitate communication and connect businesses with affordable and reliable energy sources. Chippewa County has created the dependable infrastructure needed for doing business globally.

Diversified Industries

Guidance to Help You Prosper

The CEDC professional staff can confidentially connect you to a variety of resources to help you with your business expansion projects’ due diligence and site selection assistance.

  • Working capital

  • Equipment purchases

  • Training costs

  • Programs

  • Legislative Policies

  • Wisconsin Incentives to Promote Relocation and Expansion

  • Talent Attraction and Workforce Development

  • Technology Enterprise Fund

  • EDC Revolving Loan Fund

  • Exporting and Importing

Be in Good Company

Several of America’s most successful companies have already discovered that the Chippewa Valley has reliable infrastructure, reasonable tax rates, and a pipeline of labor – all of which support a strong and healthy business environment.

When you locate or expand to Chippewa County, you’ll have access to some of the top companies in the Midwest! For example, Nordson EDI, Cray Supercomputer, HPE, TTM Technologies, Presto Industries, DryLock Technologies, Menards, Nestle, Silver Spring Foods, Jamf, Hutchinson Technologies, and DHL have major manufacturing operations here.

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