German-based global logistics company, DHL Real Estate Solutions, broke ground to construct a $6.8M, 124,000-square-foot warehouse facility project within the Lake Wissota Business Park (LWBP). Xcel Energy launched their multi-state, certified shovel-ready program a year ago and now has 36 certified shovel-ready sites throughout their service territory. The Lake Wissota Business Park in Chippewa County, is a one of six certified shovel-ready Xcel sites in Wisconsin.

The certificated shovel-ready program helps to expedite the business location process by making sites like LWBP more attractive to companies like DHL, and other site-selection consultants looking to expand their businesses. To be declared certified shovel-ready by Xcel Energy, a site must have a base level of defined boundaries with a clear title, an established price, defined utility capacity, have documentation on important factors such as phase 1 environmental assessment, ALTA surveys, wetland delineation, and proper zoning, among other requirements.

“The designation of the 125-acre LWBP as certified shovel-ready, is another success not only for Xcel Energy Shovel-Ready Program, but also for the Chippewa Valley,” said Charlie Walker, President/CEO of the Chippewa County Economic Development Corporation (CCEDC). “The Lake Wissota Business Park is rapidly becoming the home of a variety of industries including light manufacturing, agriculture processing, and distribution and logistics.

“DHL Real Estate Solutions is constructing a $6.5 million facility but will not operate it. We needed a location that could be underway within 180 days – the LWBP’s Xcel Energy certified status helped us meet that accelerated timeline in Chippewa Falls, WI.” said Kelli Saunders, DHL senior director of tax incentives and site selection.

“The advance work that the Xcel Energy Economic Development team and CCEDC did in getting LWBP Xcel Energy Certified Shovel-Ready paid off with this DHL decision. Our certified site program works.” stated Ryan Bruers, Manager, Corporate Economic Development for Xcel Energy.