Founded in Bloomer, Wisconsin in 1960, A.J. Manufacturing continues to innovate and manufacture insulated door products.  While the company had always produced high-quality insulated doors and windows, a drive for discovering new markets and innovations has positioned the company for further growth and additional production lines such as high-quality HVAC and post-frame products.

Recently, the company has broken ground to expand and modernize their North manufacturing facility, located in the Ironhorse Industrial Park in Bloomer, WI. This expansion is aimed at improving product painting efficiency, establishing additional offices, and improving employee amenities. The building is expected to be completed on October 31, 2021, and will include a newly paved parking lot, a new breakroom, and new bathrooms and offices.

“AJ Manufacturing understands that their current employees have been the key to their success, and Bloomer, Wisconsin has an outstanding workforce for the company to continue to grow. These improvements will position us to adapt and grow in the future,” said Todd Carlson, President of AJ Manufacturing.

“AJ Manufacturing has been a supporter of the Chippewa County Economic Development Corporation [CCEDC] for years, and they are a shining example of a company that continues to grow using Chippewa County’s high quality, talented workforce. The improvements at the AJ Manufacturing facility will continue to position the company as one of Chippewa County’s premier manufacturing employers,” expressed Charlie Walker, the CCEDC’s President and CEO.

CCEDC’s investors Hoeft Builders, Kurth Heating and Cooling, and Roshell Electric were selected among the many local contractors to complete the project.