Any organization wouldn’t be what they are without its Board of Directors. For CEDC, these are members of our business community who volunteer their Time, Talent, and Treasure. Doing this, they ensure that the mission of the organization is carried out by formulating economic development policies and programs that are unique, engaging, and effective.

Just over the last several weeks, there have been numerous examples of where the CEDC Board of Directors have gone above and beyond. They continue to set the standard as best in practice for economic development corporations’ Board of Directors. It’s only fitting – on Valentine’s day – that we not only send a shoutout to our loved ones, but we at CEDC remind them of how much we appreciate them with all our hearts.

BEAR Listening Sessions

They would not be as successful as they are without members of our Board helping organize and run them. Board member Rob Mooney, Production Manager at Alliance Plastics, was instrumental in getting a recent BEAR Listening Session set up and executed to perfection. This particular BEAR Event centered around Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) and providing him with a platform to receive updates and feedback on our manufacturers and their issues in dealing with supply chains. Educating and advocating to our elected officials the importance of supporting policies that are pro-business and that create a good business environment are paramount to our organization’s ongoing Business Expansion and Retention (BEAR) efforts. In further promoting CEDC’s business climate action(s) to future leaders, CEDC Board Member Ron Haas (Martino’s Pizza, Owner) collaborated with Lona Cook, CEDC’s Advocacy Chair, and facilitated another BEAR event in Stanley with candidate for Governor Rebecca Kleefisch. Finally, Board member Melissa Peterson (Frandsen Bank) helped organize and provide feedback to Congressional Candidate Rebecca Cooke on CEDC’s important economic development objectives and programs.

Economic Development Initiatives

In early February, Board Chair Tom Waldusky (Benedict Refrigeration), Vice Chair Rebecca Reinhardt (CCF Bank), and Board Member Karen Smith (Security Bank) gave an update presentation about economic development and the CEDC to the members of the Chippewa Valley Bankers Association.

Board member Shirley Gutsch (PMI) was instrumental in organizing and getting the RESTORE grant program started and off on the right foot. She spent countless hours forging partnerships on behalf of CEDC and PMI while working with Chippewa Valley Technical College (CVTC) on a grant application. Partners throughout the Chippewa Valley came together with Chippewa Valley Technical College and Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation to kick off the implementation of the RESTORE program, which received a $10 million Workforce Innovation Grant from Governor Tony Evers.

CEDC Board Members, for years, have been working diligently to improve broadband services throughout Chippewa County. These efforts were led by Ryan Hartzell (Ntera), who helped organize many regional telecom broadband meetings, coordinated community broadband education events, and along with Deb Chilson (Chilson Motors) advocated for American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds to be allocated for Chippewa County’s broadband expansion activities. Chippewa County, to date, has allocated over $2 million for broadband expansion in underserved rural areas of the county.

From serving on various committees [Fundraising, Revolving Loan Fund, Annual Meeting, BEAR, and Honeycomb HATCH] to recruiting additional investors for the organization – the CEDC Board of Directors is at the heart of everything we do!

Thank you, CEDC Board, for all you do!