In fabric shops and on factory floors, the race is on to make and manufacture personal protective equipment (PPE) in the United States, including Wisconsin before supplies run out for those on the front lines of the coronavirus outbreak. Medical staff wear face shields over face masks while treating patients to protect against flying respiratory droplets that can transmit COVID-19, such as from coughs and sneezes but now more than ever protective equipment of all kinds has become hard to find. Healthcare workers have shared that face shields are especially critical because staff now wear them routinely during the race against the war of COVID-19.

Here in Wisconsin, the Chippewa Valley and our community that we call home, organizations at the County and local levels are looking to help identify any Wisconsin companies that stock, produce or that can manufacture PPE needed by our medical professionals to combat COVID-19. The desperate need for PPE demonstrates how vital it is for our nation to maintain the ability to make products for our workers stationed on the front lines and adapt to this collective rush to tackle this unprecedented modern emergency. In addition, manufacturers of other types of equipment/products are being asked to identify themselves to help alleviate existing or future shortages of needed product nationwide. Unfortunately, outside of PPE, it is unknown what other products will be needed and, with global supply chains being disrupted, shortages may occur overnight.

For companies that currently stock, produce or that can produce any PPE, please follow this link to sell or donate your product (the link includes a list of PPE): Click Here

For companies that manufacture products or equipment falling under any of the NAICS codes, please follow this link: Click Here