CEDC understands that access to high-speed internet is as much of a necessity as electricity. The need for fast, reliable internet is only going to increase—especially in our rural areas—which is why Bloomer Telephone Company is committed to expanding its fiber-optic network. Fiber broadband provides the fastest speeds of any technology. Period. With fiber, you can enjoy symmetrical speeds for seamless downloads and uploads. The internet signal doesn’t degrade over distance, and the bandwidth capacity is unparalleled. You can power multiple devices simultaneously without buffering or lag. Fiber broadband is the future, here today.

Bloomer Telephone Company is thrilled to announce that construction for the Tilden and Eagle Point fiber-optic network expansion has begun. Later this year, approximately 300 residents and businesses in these areas will have access to the internet they deserve. Bloomer Telephone Company is also looking at additional federal funding for expansions in 2023 and beyond.

Why is providing reliable, high-speed internet to the people in the Chippewa Valley so important to the CEDC and Bloomer Telephone Company? Because we know the positive impact high-speed internet access has on residents, businesses, farms and the community’s overall economic stability.

Access to reliable, high-speed internet enables citizens to

  • work from home which provides greater job opportunities
  • power Smart Home devices to stay safe, comfortable and connected to their homes
  • stayed informed and entertained with myriad online and streaming services
  • see a medical professional without ever leaving home
  • enhance learning and education through online courses
  • feel less isolated by connecting with family and friends via social media and video chats

A community powered by a fiber-optic broadband network

  • is better able to retain current businesses and attract new ones
  • provides businesses with an opportunity to compete in the global economy
  • opens doors for remote job applicants—expanding a business’s candidate pool
  • typically experiences increased home values by approximately 3%*
  • allows farmers to remotely manage and monitor equipment and herds

With economic challenges facing many rural communities, Bloomer Telephone Company wants to be part of the solution by providing reliable, high-speed internet and helping to close the digital divide.

For more information about Bloomer Telephone Company, please visit bloomer.net.

*Resource: https://www.computerworld.com/article/2941875/fiber-broadband-access-can-boost-home-values.html

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