Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin (May 12, 2021) – Over seventy attendees supported the nine registered entrepreneurs that participated in the event. Organized and held during the International Economic Development Week, the event is aimed at strengthening the Chippewa Valley’s ecosystem for business startups and highlighting the mentoring programs that CCEDC and other economic development organizations do to support business growth in the Chippewa Valley.

Similar to the Shark Tank Television Show, a panel of local business owners served as judges to select the best business idea, product or plan pitched to them by registered entrepreneurs. This event also provided an opportunity for local entrepreneurs to network with members of the Chippewa Valley Angel Network and share their fresh and creative business ideas to other supportive investors, businesses, and community members. During Round-Up HATCH, presenters had less than five minutes to deliver their pitch in front of the judges and a live audience.

The audience had the opportunity to vote for their favorite business pitches via an internet poll. The HATCH judges selected for Fast Fuel LLC, founded by Dakota Yarrington and Adam Shilts, as the best idea/pitch. The Audience Favorite award went to Will Wanish for his Wanish Sugar Bush LLC for his high-quality maple syrup and maple sugar project.

The winner of the CCEDC’s 2021 Round-Up HATCH event, Fast Fuel LLC, was co-founded by local entrepreneurs Dakota Yarrington and Adam Shilts. Also known as Fast Fuel Craft Juicery, this company specializes in freshly made juices and healthy snacks that can be delivered all over the city of Eau Claire. They currently have product in the Juice and Snack Bar in Downtown Eau Claire, as well as a Bike Mobile to deliver juices and snacks. They plan to introduce self-serving coolers to their on-the-go lineup, further streamlining the process of getting the Chippewa Valley community healthier food, faster.

“The importance that local entrepreneurs have in developing and sustaining the Chippewa Valley economy cannot be over-emphasized,” expressed Charlie Walker, CCEDC’s President and CEO. “The HATCH event plays an important role in reinforcing our start-up ecosystem and encouraging new business formations. We are ecstatic to re-introduce the Round-Up HATCH event after the pandemic shut-down of 2020. We couldn’t do it without the support of our partners like BrightStar Foundation, Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, and our major sponsors.”

For further information, contact the Chippewa County Economic Development Corporation at or (715) 723-7150.