One role CCEDC’s plays in the field of economic development is that of location marketer for companies looking to expand their product production, improve their product supply chain, or re-shore within the Midwest United States. Reshoring is the practice of bringing manufacturing and services back to the U.S. from overseas. It is a fast and efficient way to strengthen the Western Wisconsin economy because it helps balance the trade and budget deficits, reduces unemployment by creating good, well-paying manufacturing jobs, and fosters a skilled workforce. Reshoring also benefits manufacturing companies by reducing the total cost of their products, improving balance sheets, and making product innovations more effective.

Add to Reshoring President Biden is keen on “Made in America!” The Federal Trade Commission requires products advertised as “Made in USA” be “all or virtually all” made in the U.S. “All or virtually all” means the product should contain no – or negligible – foreign content. If products are sold in more than one state, they must meet the FTC guidelines.

So CCEDC works to keep the Chippewa Valley in the game by building and developing close relationships with site selectors and the location advisor community. We understand their needs, we keep building trust, we are responsive to their needs and we always here to be helpful! Those are the keys to success in any endeavor.