A few of our friends took a vacation to Honduras to do some fishing. They had a blast and a great time. But it got us thinking about the value of having folks visit the Chippewa Valley: they are important and have a huge impact when they come to camp, fish, hunt, snowmobile, and listen to music. The more opportunities we have for visitors to experience our venues, the better our economy becomes. These venues form the fabric of the product that CEDC promotes. We work hard to – no pun intended – see to it [C 2 It] that these venues and activities are highlighted to company executives and business owners in our marketing campaigns. They know that workers and talent gravitate to areas that offer an abundance of quality of life attributes.

2022 has just started, and Chippewa County is already off to a great start in terms of economic development announcements – ones that add to the fabric of our community product.

Recently, Chippewa County was awarded to be host of the 2024 Farm Technology Days, while another major venue, Country Jam, also announced its move into Chippewa County. These types of events bring visitors and guests to our community, and visitors and guests spend money. CEDC is excited about these two events in particular because they add value to our existing venues, such as Country Fest and the Northern Wisconsin State Fair, further positioning Chippewa County as a music and tourism destination. Economically speaking, the more folks that visit Chippewa County and spend their money, the better off the area is.

In addition, these types of events add to our quality of life in that they provide residents with arts, entertainment, and educational opportunities. Many are designed to bring the community together to celebrate freedoms, agriculture, music, and the like, so they are extremely important for a community’s vitality.

In 2022, CEDC is grateful to see the ice fishermen, the snowmobilers, and the hikers. As the year progresses and our guests continue to arrive, we will smile and thank them. We have tourism – another reason why Chippewa County is a great place to raise a family and a business!