When ABECS Global was founded in 2016 by Ms. Jane Eagen, they never thought they’d be looking for a new location within a few short years. At that time, the company focused mainly on farm animals, providing health nutritional supplements. Dr. Vijay Sasi, a veterinarian, took over the company as President and CEO in January 2018 and has extended the product line to include products for both food and companion animals. The business boomed, Dr. Sasi knew he needed help in finding the right location to grow his business. He was recommended to turn to the Chippewa County Economic Development Corporation and their professional staff.

ABECS is an acronym for multiple species, including Avian, Aquatics, Bovine, Equine, Exotics, Canine, Caprine, Cats, Swine, and Sheep. This represents the multitude of products it manufactures. Currently, the company focuses on gels, paste, powders, liquids, lotions, and sprays. And, in the near future, ABECS Global is planning to introduce its own branded products so an expansion location would have to take this into consideration.

During the past three years, the company has emphasized hiring and training the right individuals for the new facility. This includes a detailed orientation and in-house training on quality procedures, cGMPs, and specific areas of work. “The workforce in the Chippewa Valley is right for us because of the good work ethic and quality of life,” Sasi said. And, the current growth of the company has led to a plan for future expansion of its team. “We are a start-up business with four full-time employees. CCEDC helped us identify existing buildings that were in an area where workers have access to and the infrastructure was readily available to ship our products to our customers.” Sasi explained.

As President and CEO, Sasi worked with CCEDC when the company was planning to build a manufacturing unit. After reviewing options, the company purchased an existing building. “We are excited about the future of ABECS Global and look forward to our continued work with CCEDC for hiring, trade shows, and export business opportunities,” Sasi concluded.

The expansion project was completed in July 2019 with a celebration and ribbon cutting jointly organized by the CCEDC and the Stanley Business Association.