When the topic of a job fair is brought up in conversation, some may perk up and say “I’ve been looking for a job for weeks, this’ll be the perfect opportunity for me to find something!” However, the majority of a group might shrug it off and say “I already have a job, I don’t need to go look for another one right now.” While most people are employed and don’t necessarily need to be looking for a job, going to a job fair can be beneficial for long-term career planning, networking, and understanding what industries drive a local economy.

A job fair isn’t just for people that are unemployed and looking for a job. Colleges and universities hold career fairs at least twice a year, and most of the people that show up are freshman and sophomore students! People who are still formulating their long-term career plans, including high school students, are highly encouraged to attend job and career fairs just to see what’s out there. Even if you aren’t going to school, there are endless opportunities for fulfilling careers that will set you up for life. Job fairs are a unique opportunity for people to speak directly with representatives of several different companies and see what the best fit is for them.

If you are happily employed and don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon, don’t think you’re excused from these events either. If you live and work in the area that a job or career fair occurs, this is a rare opportunity to interact with professionals from almost any industry you can think of! If you’ve moved recently, or even transferred to a new branch of your company, this is also an excellent opportunity for you to get a sense of what businesses make up the local economy base.

Knowing what your economy is made of isn’t just for the economic developer! There are a multitude of reasons why one should understand the backbones of their local economy. It can help you decide the best-paying career path, help you understand your area better, and can help you market your product to the right people. Economic development organizations are here to help you get to know your community, your local businesses, your industries, and your economy. Let us help you by attending your local job fair!

When’s the next job fair? Glad you asked! It’s the Riverfront Job Fair, happening Wednesday, July 21st, 2021 at the Riverfront Park in Chippewa Falls. More information about it here: chippewa-wi.com/event/riverfront-job-fair/