Our hope is that you’re having a safe hunting experience, enjoying the company of your loved ones, and preparing to reflect on what you’re grateful for.

Our few days before Thanksgiving has got CEDC thinking about how grateful we are for those that support our mission, the board members that volunteer their time, and the wonderful Chippewa Valley community.

Our community – the Chippewa Valley – has a history of coming together when our citizens are in need or for good causes. This fact was reinforced at the last CEDC Board of Directors meeting at Hope Gospel Mission during a tour of the facilities. The Chippewa Valley is blessed with kind folks that show up, time and time again, to invoke a positive effect on not just the Chippewa Valley but the state of Wisconsin. We thank you for your kindness and your compassion for others.

Our area’s talent, of course, is the whole reason why we continue to have a growing economy. Many regions throughout the country are not as fortunate to have this abundance of quality talent. The skills that each person bring to the community are highly valued and irreplaceable. We thank you for everything that you do; it takes many drops of water to make a lake.

Our entrepreneurs, always adventurous and risk-taking, also plant the seed of economic growth and add value to the Chippewa Valley. We are thankful for their dreams and aspirations, their commitment always reaching for the next goal, and continuing to amaze CEDC with their creativity and innovation.

Our advocates thanklessly and tirelessly work to make sure the vision, mission, and ideas of the CEDC are heard and acted upon. From the people that we elect into office to the countless volunteers who organize economic development and community programs, we are thankful that they are our biggest cheerleaders.

Our collective dedication in building a better future goes much further because economic development is a team activity, and we could not be successful without your help. In short, this Thanksgiving, we are thankful to all our teammates.

Sincerely, the CEDC