Governor Evers spent the afternoon in Chippewa Falls, WI with a shovel in his hand while discussing the importance of Wisconsin’s infrastructure alongside Department of Transportation Secretary Craig Thompson. The duo is touring the state while fixing potholes to promote the governor’s proposed roads budget for 2021-2023. Evers and Thompson also made stops in Wausau and Appleton. Evers discussed repairing bridges, roads, and investing in our transportation throughout the state as local communities like Chippewa Falls need reliable infrastructure to allow people to safely get to point A to point B.

“Thompson and I want to emphasize that we feel very strongly about this issue. The hard work for repairs is done by local workers, municipalities, and cities as they are responsible for this. The state has to do their job to financially help,” stated Evers.

Evers’s budget includes nearly $2 billion for highway rehabilitation, $565.7 million for highway development and $941.9 million in transportation aid for counties and municipalities.

“The economy needs dependable infrastructure to connect households across areas to quality opportunities for employment, healthcare, and education. This results in the overall growth of towns and cities and is vital for communities like Chippewa Falls. This helps ensure a better workforce pipeline for the Chippewa Valley,” noted Charlie Walker, President/CEO of Chippewa County Economic Development Corporation (CCEDC).