Do you have a product made, sourced or grown in the U.S. that belongs on store shelves across the country? Well, Walmart is serving up a chance at the big break you’ve been looking for. The application process for Walmart’s seventh annual Open Call is open, and the company invites entrepreneurs dreaming of landing their U.S.-manufactured products on Walmart shelves to apply for the opportunity to meet with Walmart buyers on Oct. 1, 2020 via virtual pitch meetings.

Walmart started the Open Call event back in 2013 after announcing a commitment to purchase $250 billion in American-made products by 2023. The company estimates that the initiative will create up to 1 million new jobs in direct manufacturing and the support and service sectors. While finding products that fulfill the needs of Walmart’s customers is a year-round focus, Open Call is especially exciting. It’s a two-day event for Walmart buyers to meet now virtually with entrepreneurs with one goal in mind: buy more American products. It is an exciting and unique opportunity for selected entrepreneurs that can potentially get their product in the hands of millions of customers from one of the largest retailers in the world. Through hundreds of meetings with Walmart buyers, they make it easy for supplier hopefuls to showcase their products and potentially get them on the shelves. During Open Call, companies large or small and from all corners of the country have a shot at the American Dream.

The companies in attendance at Open Call 2019 represented a broad geography, including 48 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico and Australia. Collectively, their impact on the U.S. manufacturing sector can be felt across the country, as they are manufacturing their products in 44 different states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. At Walmart, they believe that supporting American products and American jobs makes sense for their customers, communities across the United States and their company.

“During this year of unprecedented challenges for U.S. businesses, Walmart remains committed to sourcing products made, grown, or assembled in the U.S. By Investing in products that support American jobs, we are able to bring new exciting products to our customers, support new jobs in our local communities and invest in small business across the country.” said Laura Phillips, Walmart senior vice president for Global Sourcing & U.S. Manufacturing.

Just as Walmart cares about local entrepreneurship spirit so does Chippewa County Economic Development Corporation (CCEDC) as each fall they pave the way for local entrepreneurs and assist them in bringing their business ideas alive by organizing and hosting the Chippewa Valley HATCH Program. Fostering more Startup entrepreneurs makes sense because of the role they play in helping the Chippewa Valley grow and prosper. CCEDC has teamed up the last two years with the BrightStar Wisconsin Foundation, Inc. and various area local businesses to further help develop the entrepreneurial eco-system. The HATCH Program- is a rotating, high-energy idea pitch program designed to facilitate connections between prospective entrepreneurs and those within a community who support them such as industry experts, professional service firms, banks, non-profits, business leaders and investors. CCEDC will be gearing up this fall to continue with the annual event, making this the third year.

Any budding entrepreneurs who think their American-made product has what it takes can begin applying now. The deadline to apply to participate in this year’s Open Call for U.S.-manufactured products is Aug. 10. The application and additional information about the event are available via To apply click: Here