Eau Claire, WI (US) October 23, 2018 – Over a hundred and fifty community leaders, and employees of Drylock Technologies, a dynamic family owned Belgian based group celebrated Drylock’s expansion of its Eau Claire, Wisconsin office building and advanced adult incontinence production facility.

In 2017, the Belgium company expanded its operations into the United States with the acquisition of Presto Absorbant Products. Drylock Technologies invested 30 million dollars in capital investments to expand its production capabilities and a new headquarters building for its USA operations.  Drylock Technologies (drylocktechnologies.com) is a business headquartered in Zele (Belgium), owned by the Van Malderen family and operated by a management team with extensive experience and proven capability in the absorbent hygiene industry. The company now employs 2600 worldwide.

Founder and CEO of Drylock Technologies, Mr. Bart Van Malderen, stated “I am proud to deliver on our promise to all of our USA employees to build a state of the art office building. This new US headquarters has been built to the highest working standards, includes a fully equipped cafeteria, gym, [on-site medical], flexible working and meeting rooms, ergonomic seating and a 360-degree panorama views. Moreover, the facility has the largest and most modern lab of the entire Drylock group enabling us to continuously lead the field in hygienic innovation. As our business is growing also our capacity has been expanded with two new adult incontinence lines that contain our latest technology. We now possess a platform to grow and provide the best working conditions for all of our employees”.

The Chippewa Valley is fortunate to have a employer like Drylock Technologies in our community, this is a great day to celebrate their Foreign Direct Investment and highlight the company’s innovation and dedication to their employees.” Noted Charlie Walker, President/CEO of the Chippewa County Economic Development Corporation.