[October 6, 2021 – Chippewa Falls, WI] In an executive meeting on October 5th, the Chippewa County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution to declare October 2021 as Chippewa County Manufacturing Month.

Manufacturing Month is nationally recognized as one of the most important celebratory months in the workforce because of its intense focus on the next generation. In the Chippewa Valley, manufacturing is one of the most important industries and is in constant need of up-and-coming talent. Celebrating Manufacturing Month in the Chippewa Valley allows local organizations a chance to connect schools and companies to forge talent pipelines.

The Chippewa County Economic Development Corporation [CCEDC] submitted the resolution and created branding unique to Chippewa County. The CCEDC is also planning on hosting several events that highlight the importance of manufacturing in the area’s economy, including business workshops and a job fair.

“Manufacturing Month is all about educating the next generation,” stated Rob Mooney, Manufacturing and Sales Manager for Alliance Plastics and CCEDC Board Member. “If we don’t continue to educate our children about all the options they have, we are effectively neglecting industries that are in desperate need of our help.”

As a part of their commitment to existing businesses, the CCEDC strives to repair gaps in the talent pipeline and get the community the resources they need to foster economic development. During the month of October, they are focused on assisting the manufacturing businesses in the Chippewa Valley and on educating the community about the importance of manufacturing in not only the state of Wisconsin but the nation as a whole.

“Currently, the demand for manufacturing talent surpasses the supply,” noted Shirley Gutsch, Human Resources Manager for Processed Metal Innovators [PMI] and CCEDC Board Member. “Advocacy for manufacturing in a community is a very important step for fulfilling this demand.”

For further information, please contact Charlie Walker at ccedc@chippewa-wi.com or call (715) 723 7150.

About the Chippewa County Economic Development Corporation

The Chippewa County Economic Development Corporation is the County’s only full-time professionally staffed economic development organization that is solely committed to fostering capital and talent investment in Northwestern Wisconsin. The CCEDC’s professional expertise in managing economic development programs helps to attract, retain, and expand business in the Chippewa Valley. We are here to provide site selectors, entrepreneurs, companies, developers, and talent with information they need to aid in their quest for outstanding growth opportunities.