Throughout the Chippewa Valley there are various services for businesses to utilize that many may not know about. From startups to existing businesses facing challenges, don’t fret, there are resources available to you.

The Chippewa Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) is one of those resources that provides business consulting, help with grants and funding, site selection assistance, keynote speaking, as well as mentorship programs and various other services to the Chippewa Valley (free of charge might I add). Just a phone call away, we are able to assist you if you have any questions or need a bit of guidance.

The CEDC also coordinates Lunch & Learns with local businesses and professionals. The topics of these Lunch & Learns vary throughout the year from marketing series to human resources, energy programs to recovery coaching, and everything in between! There is bound to be something for everyone.

Lunch & Learns take place at a local place of business over the lunch hour. Typically, the Lunch & Learn is sponsored by the company of the Keynote Speaker for the lunch hour and food and beverages are provided. The presenter of the Lunch & Learn will provide key information on the topic they are covering. Lunch & Learns not only provide great information, they are also a great opportunity for networking.

Whether you’re looking for a business consultation, networking opportunities, or more information on a business related topic through our Lunch & Learn program- Chippewa Economic Development Corporation is a great resource. Reach out to us at (715) 723-7150.