Most people don’t know that 85-95% of all job creation comes from a community’s existing businesses. CCEDC gets it and understands that. That’s why we work through our BEAR [Business Expansion and Retention] program to help them grow and expand. As a part of our mission, we aim to provide or direct our area’s businesses to all the  available resources they could possibly need, especially in the areas of talent/workforce attraction and retention. Our BEAR Lunch & Learn events are designed to provide existing businesses with such relevant information so that our business community can apply it to their daily practices.

Recently, a CCEDC BEAR Lunch & Learn centered around the topic of improving talent recruitment through digital marketing. Justin Vajko, owner of Dialog Design Co., led a fascinating discussion on talent in the digital age and factors that can influence the increasing or decreasing of job applicants. A fact that he pointed out is that one of the most important components of effective talent attraction is an outstanding workplace culture. Vajko noted that according to recent studies, 84% of working adults are willing to take a pay cut or change jobs in order to experience an excellent company culture. The group of attendees had a conversation on their experiences in developing their company culture and were able to learn how to best showcase their workplace culture and how to best attract talent via digital marketing.

Applied Data Consultants, our host for the BEAR Lunch & Learn, was an exemplary example of a small, growing technology company in the Chippewa Valley that prides itself in establishing a top-notch company culture. The CCEDC continues to appreciate Applied Data Consultants and the rest of the attendees for the feedback that they provided on the important topic of improving our Chippewa Valley talent base.