Barron County Cheese, located in the northwestern Wisconsin town of Barron, envisioned becoming an entrepreneurial exporter in the global market. Their vision was to become an industry leader in cheese packaging and conversion, providing an unmatched quality of service to all customers through ongoing improvement in global research, teamwork, safety, versatility, and innovation. It is proof that hard work pays off as Chippewa County Economic Development Corporation (CCEDC) is proud to share that Barron County Cheese was awarded as a winner for the Entrepreneurial Award (small division) category for the Mid-America EDC’s 2019 Annual Economic Development Awards! Recognition for both CCEDC and Barron County Cheese took place at the at awards luncheon program at the Mid-America Competitiveness Conference & Site Selector Forum in Downtown Chicago.

CCEDC helped Barron County Cheese seek new ways to grow the organization and expand its operations. Barron County Cheese is now on the cutting-edge of its market, including the installation of equipment that allows them to process orders faster, improve efficiency, and enhance quality on all fronts through state-of-the-art high-speed machinery.

Charlie Walker, President/CEO of CCEDC accepted the award. Congratulations to all!