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Music to Our Ears

A few of our friends took a vacation to Honduras to do some fishing. They had a blast and a great time. But it got us thinking about the value of having folks visit the Chippewa Valley: they are important and have a huge impact when they come to camp, fish, hunt, snowmobile, and listen to music. The more opportunities we have for visitors to experience our venues, the better our economy becomes. These venues form the fabric of the product that CEDC promotes. We work hard to - no pun intended - see to it [C 2 It] that these venues and activities are highlighted to company executives and business owners in our marketing campaigns. They know that workers and talent gravitate to areas that offer an abundance of quality of life [...]

Music to Our Ears2022-01-20T12:12:09-06:00

Environmental Health & Safety Update

While OSHA does have the ability to set workplace safety standards, the United States Supreme Court recently found that their Vaccination and Testing Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) went too far and beyond the organization’s scope, and that it is a “significant encroachment in the lives and health of employees.” OSHA was created to set workplace safety standards and not to set broad public health measures. However, the ruling leaves entrepreneurs and small businesses wondering how they can protect their workers and ensure a safe workplace in the wake of the pandemic. Anticipating a ruling one way or the other, CEDC hosted a BEAR Lunch & Learn to highlight the importance of OSHA and the EPA’s impact on small businesses. As a part of CEDC’s Business Expansion and Retention (BEAR) program, these lunches are [...]

Environmental Health & Safety Update2022-01-19T14:10:43-06:00

Berlin BEAR

On a snowy morning last week, Chippewa Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) welcomed Nicola Michels, Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC)’s Trade Representative in Germany. Nicola is from Berlin, Germany, and is a WEDC consultant working to help Chippewa Valley businesses begin their exporting program. Berlin, Germany’s coat of arms is a bear, of course, so it was only fitting that she be the guest of a CEDC BEAR Discussion centering around exporting! Discovering the opportunities that Germany and the Broader European Market offer was the main topic of the CEDC BEAR discussion. BEAR, or Business Expansion and Retention, is the CEDC’s flagship economic development program and makes up about eighty percent of our efforts as an organization. Our BEAR Program is aimed at helping our existing businesses get the information and resources they need [...]

Berlin BEAR2022-01-19T14:19:00-06:00

The U-Haul Growth Index: A Local Perspective

This morning, CEDC stopped over at the Chippewa Falls U-Haul Moving Center and had a quick BEAR Discussion with Paul Zillmer, the general manager, to gain a little insight on what he sees is happening in migration and out-migration within the Chippewa Valley. Many don't know, but U-Haul publishes their U-Haul Growth Index on a yearly basis. This annual report determines growth by calculating the net gain of one-way U-Haul trucks entering a state versus leaving that state in a calendar year. California and Illinois, for the second consecutive year, witnessed the largest net losses of one-way U-Haul trucks. Zillmer noted that while this report shows migration trends, they do not directly correlate to population growth. However, it's a pretty good gauge of how well cities are attracting and retaining its residents. "The [...]

The U-Haul Growth Index: A Local Perspective2022-01-05T11:10:17-06:00

Workforce Innovation Projects Worthy of Funding

This week, CEDC staff and board members attended Gov. Tony Evers' announcement of the Workforce Innovation Grant Program's winning projects in the Chippewa Valley at the Davies Student Center on the UW-Eau Claire campus. Also in attendance were Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) Secretary and CEO Missy Hughes, Department of Workforce Development (DWD) Secretary-designee Amy Pechacek, UW-Eau Claire Chancellor James Schmidt, CVTC President Dr. Sunem Beaton-Garcia, and other dignitaries. Of the $60 million awarded, over $19 million was allocated to projects that CEDC supported, promoted, and worked on in some degree! It seems like only yesterday when CEDC staff and board members were invited to a meeting at CoLab in Eau Claire to attend a round table discussion and a call for the first round of projects/ideas for the Workforce Innovation Grant Program. [...]

Workforce Innovation Projects Worthy of Funding2021-12-22T09:43:25-06:00

Buzzing at Honeycomb HATCH

The Startup Chippewa Valley week is a celebration of everything entrepreneurial, highlighting the importance of entrepreneurship and the organizations and people working to develop and shape the valley’s thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem. Held during the month of November, at the heart of Startup Chippewa Valley, is CCEDC’s Honeycomb HATCH21 Pitch Competition. This well attended Shark Tank – like business pitch competition brought some of Wisconsin’s top entrepreneurs to the stage to compete for a cash prize, and a package made up of in-kind services and products. Eight entrepreneurs presented their sweetest business ideas, products, or plans to a panel of judges while over 100 attendees encouraged them and voted for their favorite. Knowing that entrepreneurs are not alone, they have a network of supporters to encourage them and listen to their ideas can make [...]

Buzzing at Honeycomb HATCH2021-12-20T12:42:30-06:00

Chippewa Valley Telecoms Receive State Funding

Chippewa Valley Telecoms will tell you that education, health care, and entertainment are the three biggest drivers of demand for local broadband. Deploying fiber is a complicated and multifaceted process involving construction, planning, and the buildup of community and political support. The pandemic has made faster broadband a need and vital to providing healthcare via telemedicine. The COVID-19 pandemic also led to a massive increase in students, teachers, and school administrators utilizing the internet for education purposes. Finally, the increased amount of employees working at home has also added to the necessity of total coverage of broadband. The pandemic highlights how high-speed internet is critical for students, consumers, businesses, and our local economy. Over the past several years CCEDC has worked with our local Telecom providers in supporting their use of federal, state [...]

Chippewa Valley Telecoms Receive State Funding2021-11-05T12:58:41-05:00

Chippewa Valley Talent Shortage Mitigated by CEDC Job Fairs

The Labor Department released its recent jobless claims report, and it showed several interesting things. First, our national economy has experienced the smallest number of new unemployment filings since March 2020, signaling that the labor market keeps recovering from the pandemic. Secondly, as the number of first-time unemployment filers drop, there continues to be a simultaneous and skyrocketing demand for workers; in addition, economic growth is slowing, inflation is rising (5.3%), a record number of people are quitting their jobs (over 3% of all workers), and wages and salaries are the highest they have been on record (increased by 1.5% quarterly). Government data shows that there are more jobs available than there are unemployed people, which means that local businesses are working harder to attract talent. The talent issue is the number one [...]

Chippewa Valley Talent Shortage Mitigated by CEDC Job Fairs2021-12-20T11:51:36-06:00

Creating Value Series Kicks Off

On October 20, 2021, the CCEDC hosted the first BEAR Lunch & Learn workshop in the limited Creating Value series, presented by Bob Oliver. This series is focused on helping the entrepreneur, business owner, or professional learn how to best organize their business and prepare for the long term. What do you think gives a business value? Attendees of today's Lunch & Learn were able to find out exactly where business value comes from and why it's far more important than just judging your business by the numbers. Want to get in on the action? We have three workshops remaining in this series. Follow the individual links below to register and reserve your spot! 2 – Business Operating System: 3 – The Buzz on Financials: 4 – Transitioning Your Business:

Creating Value Series Kicks Off2021-11-02T15:36:20-05:00

Chippewa County Declares October as Manufacturing Month

[October 6, 2021 – Chippewa Falls, WI] In an executive meeting on October 5th, the Chippewa County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution to declare October 2021 as Chippewa County Manufacturing Month. Manufacturing Month is nationally recognized as one of the most important celebratory months in the workforce because of its intense focus on the next generation. In the Chippewa Valley, manufacturing is one of the most important industries and is in constant need of up-and-coming talent. Celebrating Manufacturing Month in the Chippewa Valley allows local organizations a chance to connect schools and companies to forge talent pipelines. The Chippewa County Economic Development Corporation [CCEDC] submitted the resolution and created branding unique to Chippewa County. The CCEDC is also planning on hosting several events that highlight the importance of manufacturing in the area’s [...]

Chippewa County Declares October as Manufacturing Month2021-10-06T09:52:43-05:00


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