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Discovering Export Opportunities in Central Europe

The potential exists to increase local companies’ sales through exporting. CCEDC hosted a round table discussion where over a dozen Chippewa Valley companies asked questions about the advantages of exporting their products to Central Europe. Paul Smerda, the Senior Manager at Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) European Trade Representative Firm in Berlin, Germany lead a discussion and answered questions concerning the upcoming WEDC trade venture to Germany in June 2020, market trends, and recommended pro-active sales strategies for doing business in countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, and Scandinavia. Wisconsin has a history of strong German immigration and shares many similarities such as a strong manufacturing base, an emphasis on quality, and instilling a strong work ethic. In 2018 Germany was Wisconsin’s 4th largest trading partner exporting $814 million worth of goods and [...]

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Sept. 17, 2019 Tech Council Innovation Network luncheon

Chippewa County Economic Development Corporation is aggressively focused on increasing entrepreneurship in the rural communities of our county. There are several untold opportunities in our rural area that can serve as a catalysts to help spur economic diversification efforts. One of those opportunities is the Sept. 17, 2019 Tech Council Innovation Network luncheon in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and CCEDC staff will be there to hear panelists Jonathon Horne, managing director of Idea Fund of La Crosse, a seed stage venture capital fund established in 2016 to invest in pre-revenue and early stage revenue startup companies; and Mike Schulte, head analyst and head of legal of Great North Labs, which is an early-stage venture fund for the upper Midwest. This event is Cross-border investing: Minnesota, Wisconsin VCs -is great opportunities for innovators from two [...]

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