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BEAR Lunch & Learn Event

Join us at the Applied Data Consultants Headquarters for lunch and a special presentation by Justin Vajko of Dialog Design on August 11th at 11 am! Registration can either be done via the ticket purchase link on this page or by calling us at (715) 723 7150. This month's talk: Finding Talent in the Digital Age: 3 Kay Factors to Building Your Reputation as an Employer of Choice Finding great talent isn't possible by just using job boards anymore. We're in an era where folks will choose to work for a company based on their reputation. In fact, over 80% of Americans are willing to take a pay cut if they can work somewhere with a better culture. In this 1-hour session, attendees will learn the three key factors that hurt talent recruitment [...]

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2019 Compensation Trends & Forecast for 2020

We're excited to host The Harding Group for their 2019 COMPENSATION TRENDS & FORECAST FOR 2020 Event! Here you will learn about business planning for 2020, so you can create a solid plan for employee compensation to attract and retain the workforce you are looking for. A more qualified workforce lets your company see higher productivity and customer service interactions, leading to an increase in your company’s revenue and help your business establish its identity with consumers.

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