Generations Academy is a non-profit charter school in Eau Claire, WI that specializes in individual development and project-based learning. Recently, the Generations Academy students had a business unit; every child from five to eighteen years old was instructed to come up with a business idea.

In addition to the hands-on experience they got from their business projects, two groups of students were also able to see small businesses in action by receiving a tour of the Chippewa Valley Innovation Center (CVIC). CVIC Board President and CEDC Board Chair, Tom Waldusky, guided both groups of students through each bay in the building.

The students also got to hear from and speak with two CVIC tenants: Dave Espeseth, owner of Excel Medical Corp., and Anthony Nied, owner of Safe & Simple Organic Lawns. Both had their products on display, and Dave was even able to demonstrate how his wheelchair can accommodate different body needs.

Economic development ultimately relies on its future prospects, especially when a pandemic or a supply shortage hinders the current workforce. One of the core strengths of the Chippewa Valley is the abundance of focus on ensuring continuation of the talent pipeline. The Generations Academy is an excellent example of a learning institution that nurtures an individual’s strengths. The CEDC is extremely proud to be involved in helping the next generation gain the knowledge they need to become working adults.

If you’re curious about what businesses the students at Generations Academy, you’re in luck! On December 4th from 9 am to 12 pm, join them at Harvestime Church in Chippewa Falls for their Business Fair! Contact for further questions.