Chippewa Falls, WI (December 2nd, 2020) – A Chippewa Falls manufacturer is planning a $9 million expansion that will allow the company to double its staff. A groundbreaking ceremony is scheduled for December 14th.

VES has completed an agreement to purchase a 12.4 acre parcel in the Lake Wissota Business Park from Chippewa County for $1, said Chippewa County Supervisor, Steve Gerrish. The property is in one of the city’s tax-increment financing districts.

VES designs ventilation systems for barns and agricultural buildings, which improves the overall quality of life for animals. Their website states, “our direct drive fans pull fresh air into the structure, direct the air in waves to cow level, and then remove the dirty, heated air. Fresh air keeps your cows body temperatures down, keeps bedding dry, helps prevent diseases from pneumonia to mastitis, and deters pests without chemicals.

As part of the agreement, VES will pay for the expansion of a “regional retention pond” that is in the business park. The pond could be expanded by upwards of 3 acres, and available lots in the business park will likely have smaller or no retention ponds. Gerrish explained, “instead of the county getting reimbursed from the TIF, the TIF is paying the $250,000 to rebuild the retention pond.” VES will also receive a cash rebate as part of the developer’s agreement with the county.

Gerrish added, “this is one of the most exciting projects I’ve been a part of, because they are headquartered in Chippewa Falls; they are a homegrown company. They definitely want to be a community partner.”

President and CEO of Chippewa Falls Economic Development Corp., Charlie Walker, said of the new 114,000 square foot facility, “they are expanding their operations, and putting in a research and development center. They’ll be adding 40-plus employees. It’s a great company. They’ll have some research and development jobs and some production jobs.”

Chippewa Falls Mayor, Greg Hoffman additionally raved, “it’s another exciting project for the city. They have an excellent track record, and they are going to invest in the city. It adds value to the community. We’re very fortunate we have people making these investments.”


About VES

VES scientifically designs environmental systems that optimize cow health and productivity for dairies around the world. Since 2008, VES has been innovating in a space where competitors are just selling the same fans. VES was first to market with the Effective Cow Velocity (ECV) fan, which is designed and placed specifically to move fresh air to where the cows spend the most time, which both naturally boosts milk production and also radically reduces disease and pests. VES has sold products for dairy and agriculture in 30 countries around the world. From our home base in Chippewa Falls, Wisc., we are supporting dairies from Ireland to Qatar to China and all over the USA.

For additional information on VES, please contact their office at (715) 720-0800.

About Chippewa Falls Economic Development Corporation

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