The Chippewa County Economic Development Corporation utilizes three ways to three ways of facilitating the creation of jobs and capital investment within the Chippewa Valley. First, working to help in the creation of new firms (entrepreneurial development like our HATCH and Pitching events). Second, attraction of external firms to our area (business recruitment like the Fleet Farm Distribution Center) is used by CCEDC. Last but not least- we use a strategy of working to improve the growth/expansion of our existing firms (Business Expansion and Retention or our BEAR Program). Up to 80% of net new jobs and capital investment in the Chippewa Valley is generated by existing firms, and these existing firms provide even more return on investment in smaller, rural market areas like Chippewa’s.

Just recently the CCEDC BEAR team visited several businesses -Bloomer Machining, Vincent Tool, and Wissota Tool- and their owners and management teams to learn more about their operations, future, and growth opportunities. These business visits are a vital component to the CCEDC BEAR program. CCEDC representatives and staff scheduled these business visits that are designed to gather information that helps to understand the issues, opportunities and/or concerns of companies in the Chippewa Valley. By engaging in personal, face-to-face contacts with our local businesses, it demonstrates and convinces business leaders on both sides that they are important to Chippewa County.

After the BEAR Visits, CCEDC staff provided follow up to any issues or questions that arose during the meetings and will remain in contact with that business as appropriate, providing assistance when needed.