Through its Legislative Committee, CCEDC takes a proactive approach to working with the members of the Wisconsin State Legislature, state government agencies, and local legislative bodies whose actions and decisions impact our state and local business climate. We work with our partners to help advocate for policies, initiatives and programs that promote job creation, encourage investment, improves our ability to recruit, grow, and retain talented workers and employers-resulting in economic prosperity throughout Chippewa County.

Year round, the CCEDC Legislative Committee monitors notable policies from our local legislators and how these policies might affect our economic development programs and processes. With Wisconsin lawmakers preparing to adjourn for the year-the Chippewa County Economic Development Legislative Committee meet with State Senator Kathleen Bernier on February 21st, 2020 at the Fleet Farm Distribution Center in Lake Wissota Business Park. The purpose of the meeting was to get an update on the issues impacting economic development and to identify and solve key issues facing the Chippewa Valley. In addition the meeting gave the Senator an opportunity to hear CCEDC’s legislative support issues. Due to the fact that the legislature was still in session, our Wisconsin assembly representatives were unable to make this meeting.

Senator Bernier communicated to the committee that the Legislature passed one of CCEDC’s top legislative priorities – the Wisconsin Opportunities Zone Development Bill-a bipartisan legislation that enhances Opportunity Zones tax incentives in Wisconsin to help drive private investment to economically challenged, capital-starved areas designated as Opportunity Zones by Congress in 2017. Chippewa County contains 1 of the 120 Wisconsin Opportunity Zones By doubling the Opportunity Zones capital gains tax reduction at the state level for individuals who invest in Wisconsin Opportunity Zone projects, AB 532 will encourage Wisconsin investors to keep their wealth within the state to help create inclusive economic opportunities for Chippewa County. The legislation is now awaiting Governor Tony Evers’ signature.

Maureen Carlson (Chair of CCEDC Legislative Committee) led the discussion of CCEDC support positions with Senator Bernier. “Maximizing efforts to remove barriers to employment and equip individuals with more skills and supporting efforts to build and maintain Wisconsin’s reputation as business friendly by opposing legislation that negatively impacts the economy and jobs are important issues to CCEDC and the Chippewa Valley,” expressed Carlson.