Having the support of major businesses is instrumental to the success of an economic development organization. Luckily, we have had an ongoing partnership with Xcel Energy, a multi-state utility company, for many years.

On November 30th, Xcel’s Economic Development Team received a tour of the Chippewa Valley’s prospective industry hubs and enjoyed a lunch and some engaging discussion at the CEDC office on Technology Way.

The main topics of discussion were the history of economic development in the Chippewa Valley, updates on working projects, and plans for marketing the area to industrial customers. The group also discussed what the main challenges to economic development were. In short, this was an opportunity for the CEDC to communicate its largest priorities directly with Economic Development representatives of Xcel Energy.

We would like to thank Xcel for taking the time to meet the CEDC team and for continuing to collaborate with us on groundbreaking and innovative projects.