CEDC Board Member Ron Hass has been serving the organization for over five years. Currently the owner of Martino’s Restaurant in Stanley Wisconsin, he has a passion for business growth and entrepreneurship. “I like to know what is going on in the community and if I can have a small part in helping it grow and do better then I am doing a great job!

“It was a good year,” Martino’s owner Ron Haas said of the Pizza and Prevention fundraiser on Oct. 8 at Martino’s. The total raised was $8,651.88 and split equally between Stanley Fire and Boyd-Edson-Delmar (B-E-D) Fire and EMS Departments. A total of 445 large pizzas were sold, the rest being generated by small pizzas and soda. In addition, there was no fire calls for the day, meaning that each department could stay on site all day.  The B-E-D Ambulance and Stanley ladder truck were on site to give event participants a fun time.

Martino donates 100% of all sales to the Stanley and Boyd-Edson-Delmar Fire Departments, on the selected day when the fire personnel come to the restaurant and do all the work (with some supervisory help from Martino’s staff that also volunteer their time). They prepare, cook, and serve the pizzas and even stay after to help clean up.

This is an exciting fun-filled day for employees, fire departments, and customers. Martino supplies a bouncing house for kids. The fire departments bring along a fire truck and ambulance for tours. Martino’s also holds a pizza-eating contest between the two fire departments.

As to the departments themselves, Stanley Fire Chief Korey Hagenson said they will put earnings from the fundraiser towards a new TNT Jaws of Life, while B-E-D Fire Chief Ron Patten said plans were still out as to just what the department would put its earnings toward.

“We’re not sure just yet,” he said, saying that it would go towards equipment, and feasibly a new truck.

“Sometimes we keep and save it for two to three years,” he said of saving for large purchases made by the department.