As the primary economic development driver of Chippewa County-CEDC has a mission to lead economic growth by: (1) attracting and sustaining industries that support job creation, (2) foster strong businesses through our BEAR Program ensuring our existing companies continue to connect, grow, and prosper here, and (3) continue to create a culture that engages, retains, and expands our local talent/workforce so we are always a prosperous and thriving community.

The first strategy (attraction) is a way in which CEDC continues to grow the local tax base and economy. By assisting in attracting new companies to our region- more jobs and capital investments are realized in Chippewa— this helps engage our existing businesses and industries who tend to be a part of the targeted company’s supply chain. In short this strategy helps our local businesses as well  because they tend to experience growth from the project in turn and it usually helps them expand and grow in a more sustainable way.

These past several months, the CEDC has been extremely busy organizing and hosting familiarization tours, site visits, and due diligence research meetings with company representatives looking at the assets that Chippewa Valley-more specifically the Chippewa County- has to offer them as a place to expand their operations. From Project Piper to Project GBM the process of helping these companies gather information while they do their due diligence takes confidentiality, expertise, financial resources, time, and volunteers. These “boots on the ground” visits and their importance in the site selection process cannot be over emphasized. No project ever happens without them.

CEDC is committed to serving our rural communities and existing corporate citizens to help them achieve lasting success in Chippewa. Chippewa County is the heart of Chippewa Valley Wisconsin and is a dynamic and prosperous region. CEDC works in concert offering site selection services, incentives, research, and technical assistance to help companies locate, stay, and expand existing operations. CEDC has an excellent reputation for how it organizes and hosts these site visits and they serve as a key benchmark to how our attraction program fares.