If there were ever a year to shop small for Christmas, 2020 is it. This year has been unprecedented, chaotic, and frightening for Americans in a lot of ways. But since March, the year’s upheavals have had a severe impact on small businesses, especially those in the Chippewa Valley. CCEDC would like to reminder everyone to shop small this year! Now more than ever our local businesses in the Chippewa Valley need us this season. As COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations increase across Wisconsin, leading us to crack down again on business and social gatherings, there’s a chance that small businesses could face another huge hit, both before and during the Christmas season.

The holidays might look a little different this year; however, we can still share joy by shopping small and supporting our favorite small businesses and their employees throughout the holiday season. If you do not want to head out to the shops because of safety concerns or restrictions, you can always shop online.  Many businesses have built up their online shops so that they can continue serving customers even when heading to the store isn’t feasible. It is time for us in the Chippewa Valley to do our part to support the continued recovery of our Nation’s 31.7 million small businesses. We know that small businesses, need our support now more than ever as they navigate, retool, and pivot from the effects of the pandemic. Shopping and dining local this holiday season will help our community businesses continue with their recovery efforts.

In support of this movement, we wanted to feature local businesses in the Chippewa Valley and create this fabulous list of local shops/restaurants. This way, gifts or even gift cards are easier to shop for and provide a great variety for everyone, regardless of where you live in the Chippewa Valley. We are bringing you our favorite spots to find local gifts and just in time for the gift-giving season! We hope this year will prompt you to shop and give differently, so that we can serve our neighbors in a deeply tangible way.

These are just a few wonderful local shops/restaurants in Chippewa County. CCEDC understands that we cannot share all but advise you to navigate and do more research during your shopping adventures. Happy Holidays!