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PMI- Bloomer’s Talent Creator

There are some who believe that within the next 15 years about half of all US Manufacturing firms will close their doors! Currently, worker shortages are empowering existing workers to do some rethinking. They now have the opportunity to reconsider what jobs they want to do, where they want to live,  and what industries they want to work in. Manufacturing appears to be at a disadvantage because many potential workers do not view manufacturing jobs as secure and stable compared to those in other industries. Finally, there is an acceleration to all things digital-Industry 4.0 that has the potential to leave many manufacturers behind because they are slow to invest in technology. To survive manufacturing companies need to move away from being consumers of talented workers and become better creators of manufacturing talent. [...]

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CCEDC & Yellowstone Cheese Partner to Host Senator Tammy Baldwin

CCEDC & Yellowstone Cheese hosted Senator Tammy Baldwin today to discuss her initiatives of the Dairy Business Innovation Act to help Chippewa Valley farmers. The event was attended by Economic Development Corporations, press entities, farmers, several local businesses, and the University of Wisconsin Extension to bring specific concerns to light and get feedback on how the Diary Business Innovation Initiatives help to address these real-time challenges. Dairy Business Innovation Act Press Release

CCEDC & Yellowstone Cheese Partner to Host Senator Tammy Baldwin2019-10-08T16:11:50-05:00


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