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Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin Company Nordson’s EDI- Celebrates 50 Years of Global Leadership & Innovation

Chippewa County’s Lake Wissota Business Park is now the home of Nordson EDI.  What began in 1971 with a five-person machine shop in this small city of 14,000 is now Nordson Corporation’s global EDI® brand, recognized worldwide for advanced engineering and precision workmanship in the production of flat dies for film, sheet, and coating. Nordson acquired a company-Extrusion Dies Incorporated in 2012 and spent 2019 and 2020 consolidating their three EDI operations in Chippewa Falls into an extensive new modern manufacturing facility.  In 2021, the EDI team celebrates its the 50th anniversary of the EDI business which began on February 15, 1971- the day of its founding. Nordson EDI has been a long-time supporter of the communities within the Chippewa Valley and of Chippewa County Economic Development Corporation (CCEDC) and their mission to [...]

Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin Company Nordson’s EDI- Celebrates 50 Years of Global Leadership & Innovation2021-02-18T12:58:10-06:00

VES Co-Founder John McBride Announces Retirement

John McBride said he’s dedicated his career to improving the health of cows, which in turn, leads to higher milk production. Since its founding in 2008, VES has been the global leader in innovating Animal-Centered Environments (ACE) to optimize cow health and welfare at many of the world’s most successful dairies. From its headquarters in Chippewa Falls, VES has designed ACEs for customers in 30 countries. VES Environmental Solutions is a premium manufacturer and sourcing company of ventilation equipment for industrial, agricultural and horticultural industries. Their wide variety of air circulation fans, exhaust fans, ventilation fans, ceiling fans, fiberglass fans make them one of the leaders in the HVAC industry. Their team of design engineers has developed some of the most energy efficient, quiet, low maintenance and innovative ventilation components in the world. [...]

VES Co-Founder John McBride Announces Retirement2020-11-11T11:58:26-06:00

Feasibility Business Park Site Visit

Chippewa County is on the cusp of expanding on its recent economic boom, the President/CEO of the Chippewa County Economic Development Corporation(CCEDC)-Charlie Walker said. According to Walker, “The county began the process of looking into the feasibility of adding or building another Certified Shovel Ready Business Park because in part of the most recent success of the current Lake Wissota Business Park." Chippewa County officials want to expand on that success by making room for more businesses. As part of that process Chippewa County hired a consultant to look at the feasibility of such a project. CCEDC organized meetings between businesses, elected leaders, site selectors and other economic development stakeholders to gather input and feedback for the new business/industrial park. The consultants and CCEDC spent two days touring Chippewa County looking at current [...]

Feasibility Business Park Site Visit2020-01-17T13:56:24-06:00

Farm Ventilation Business Expands in Chippewa Falls

Chippewa Falls, WI (December 2nd, 2020) – A Chippewa Falls manufacturer is planning a $9 million expansion that will allow the company to double its staff. A groundbreaking ceremony is scheduled for December 14th. VES has completed an agreement to purchase a 12.4 acre parcel in the Lake Wissota Business Park from Chippewa County for $1, said Chippewa County Supervisor, Steve Gerrish. The property is in one of the city’s tax-increment financing districts. VES designs ventilation systems for barns and agricultural buildings, which improves the overall quality of life for animals. Their website states, “our direct drive fans pull fresh air into the structure, direct the air in waves to cow level, and then remove the dirty, heated air. Fresh air keeps your cows body temperatures down, keeps bedding dry, helps prevent diseases [...]

Farm Ventilation Business Expands in Chippewa Falls2020-01-21T16:52:00-06:00

WEDC Secretary and CEO Missy Hughes meets with CCEDC

Missy Hughes, Secretary and CEO of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) visited Chippewa County Economic Development Corporation (CCEDC) to receive an update on the organization’s Business Retention, Entrepreneurial Development and Workforce Strategies that are currently being deployed. Mayor Greg Hoffman of the City of Chippewa Falls updated Missy Hughes on the critical partnership that the City has with CCEDC. “One of the reasons our economic development program is successful is because we have built a great team that works together and always looks for ways to improve it,” stated Mayor Hoffman. The group discussed ways in which the two organizations can better work together to help grow the regional economy, while strengthening our talent pipeline in the Chippewa Valley. “WEDC is appreciative of the partnership we have with CCEDC and we look [...]

WEDC Secretary and CEO Missy Hughes meets with CCEDC2019-11-12T16:39:34-06:00

Economic Growth Doesn’t Halt for Elements

Freezing cold temperatures and a little bit of snow can't slow down Economic Development growth and progress in Chippewa County! Proof of progress comes in the way of the construction at the new DHL site at the Lake Wissota Business Park. CCEDC is looking forward to watching all of the great progress continue as the cold months dwindle on.

Economic Growth Doesn’t Halt for Elements2019-11-12T12:41:10-06:00

Press Release – Xcel Energy Certified Shovel-Ready Site Program Assists Chippewa Falls, WI

CHIPPEWA FALLS, WI - October 16, 2019 - German-based global logistics company, DHL Real Estate Solutions, broke ground to construct a $6.8M, 124,000-square-foot warehouse facility project within the Lake Wissota Business Park (LWBP). Xcel Energy launched their multi-state, certified shovel-ready program a year ago and now has 36 certified shovel-ready sites throughout their service territory. The Lake Wissota Business Park in Chippewa County, is a one of six certified shovel-ready Xcel sites in Wisconsin. The certificated shovel-ready program helps to expedite the business location process by making sites like LWBP more attractive to companies like DHL, and other site-selection consultants looking to expand their businesses. To be declared certified shovel-ready by Xcel Energy, a site must have a base level of defined boundaries with a clear title, an established price, defined utility capacity, [...]

Press Release – Xcel Energy Certified Shovel-Ready Site Program Assists Chippewa Falls, WI2019-10-30T15:55:36-05:00

Performance Review

It's not every day that economic development organizations get a chance to review their performance during the site selection phase of a project. When DHL selected Chippewa County's Lake Wissota Business Park for their project, the CCEDC team had the opportunity to sit down with Kelli Saunders, Sr. Director Incentives and Site Selection of DHL Supply Chain. She discussed her satisfaction with the organization's performance. The information that Ms. Saunders provided will help CCEDC improve our program and for those wanting to know, we received top marks! #ChippewaCountyEDC,

Performance Review2019-09-04T16:24:58-05:00


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