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Farm Technology Days Volunteering

2024 will be here before we know it! Sign up to be a volunteer for Chippewa County Farm Technology Days today! FTD Committees: Hospitality Fundraising Publicity and Promotion Field Demonstrations Grounds Tent City Food Youth Family Living Traffic and Safety Parking Admissions Signs Utilities Conservation Tent Education Equine Area Innovation Square Heritage Farm Equipment Contact us with any questions by calling (715) 723 7150 or emailing  

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New WI COVID-19 Grant Program for Small Farmers- Applications to Open Aug. 10

Although tending our own garden is becoming a more popular hobby during these unprecedented times, many of us still get our food from the supermarket. It is so easy and convenient to drive over to the grocery store, grab a few items and cook a meal. Have you ever stopped to think about where the bulk of your fresh produce, vegetables, meats and other non-processed items come from? They may end their journey at the store, but they began their story on an American farm. Our Wisconsin farmers are crucial to our economy and are vitally important to us,  this is why farmers are encouraged to apply as soon as possible to the Wisconsin Farm Support Program. Chippewa County Economic Development Corporation (CCEDC) was notified that applications for a new round of COVID-19 [...]

New WI COVID-19 Grant Program for Small Farmers- Applications to Open Aug. 102020-08-07T09:31:41-05:00


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