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Wisconsin Farmer Crisis hotline offers 24/7 counseling

  Several Studies and the Center for Disease Control have found the rates of mental illness and suicide are higher among farmers There is no doubt that they work long hours, have limited social interaction and are at the mercy of many factors they cannot control like the weather and events like COVID-19. Add other concerns like alcohol abuse, depression, financial worries, and even trauma over having to euthanize livestock- to many farmers the situation might become unbearable to handle by themselves. Contacting the Farm Center at the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP). Wisconsin has established a hotline that which helps farmers with financial, legal, and mental health concerns. The program also is getting usage from farmers that need help dealing with the effects of COVID-19. There is no doubt that [...]

Wisconsin Farmer Crisis hotline offers 24/7 counseling2020-07-10T10:49:07-05:00

CCEDC & Yellowstone Cheese Partner to Host Senator Tammy Baldwin

CCEDC & Yellowstone Cheese hosted Senator Tammy Baldwin today to discuss her initiatives of the Dairy Business Innovation Act to help Chippewa Valley farmers. The event was attended by Economic Development Corporations, press entities, farmers, several local businesses, and the University of Wisconsin Extension to bring specific concerns to light and get feedback on how the Diary Business Innovation Initiatives help to address these real-time challenges. Dairy Business Innovation Act Press Release

CCEDC & Yellowstone Cheese Partner to Host Senator Tammy Baldwin2019-10-08T16:11:50-05:00


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