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The Art of the Bounce-Back: A Story of Redemption

stsJoin the CEDC, HSHS St. Joseph's Hospital, and the Chippewa County Take a Stand Against Meth committee for a special LIVE BEAR Discussions Podcast episode featuring Nycki Wallsch. Here's what she says: "I was born and raised in Bloomer, WI. I was always the kid who felt I never fit in, no matter the group I hung around with in school. I started drinking and using other substances to feel like I belonged, and to cope with past traumas. I spent a long time running from my past, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t pull myself out of those circumstances. I spent two decades self-medicating with alcohol and substances. After multiple jail visits and ultimately losing my children into the child protective care system, I finally was offered treatment court [...]

The Art of the Bounce-Back: A Story of Redemption2021-12-02T10:47:12-06:00


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