LaGrander’s Hillside Dairy, Inc. in Stanley, WI

LaGrander's Hillside Dairy, Inc. started small, but today they run around a million pounds of milk per day. Growing up directly above his family’s cheese factory in Stanley, Wisconsin, Master Cheesemaker Ryan LaGrander learned early on that the cheese life is harder than it looks. “It all started because my grandpa made the decision to be a cheesemaker and buy a plant – he was gonna do it for himself,” Ryan says. “It’s pretty amazing that they took it from where it was to where we are now.” Ryan adds, “there were times when people didn’t show up to work and my dad would come wake us up,” Ryan remembers. “You have to wax cheese all morning when you’re 12 years old.” Their family legacy comes through in their spectacular cheeses, including fresh curds [...]