CEDC Board Member Highlight

CEDC Board Member Ron Hass has been serving the organization for over five years. Currently the owner of Martino's Restaurant in Stanley Wisconsin, he has a passion for business growth and entrepreneurship. "I like to know what is going on in the community and if I can have a small part in helping it grow and do better then I am doing a great job! “It was a good year,” Martino’s owner Ron Haas said of the Pizza and Prevention fundraiser on Oct. 8 at Martino’s. The total raised was $8,651.88 and split equally between Stanley Fire and Boyd-Edson-Delmar (B-E-D) Fire and EMS Departments. A total of 445 large pizzas were sold, the rest being generated by small pizzas and soda. In addition, there was no fire calls for the day, meaning that [...]