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Week3 ChipCountyBootCamp

Students enrolled in the Chippewa County Manufacturing Boot Camp have completed their third week at Rex Systems Incorporated (RSI), which is located in Chippewa Falls. RSI is known for is known for manufacturing and testing defense electronics.

Students had a variety of training and certifications this week. They continued to build their soft skills through the Critical Core Manufacturing Skills (CCMS) certificate. Additionally, UW-Stout Manufacturing Outreach Center worked with students and taught the principles of Lean Manufacturing. Groups of students worked to assemble lego planes. Throughout the simulation, they modified and improved their process by utilizing Lean. The skills learned in this simulation can be utilized in manufacturing careers.

RSI provided students with the opportunity to complete several IPC certificates. This included their General Safety in Electronics Assembly and Electro Discharge Control Assembly. Upon completion of these certificates, they were able to work in assembly where they assembled and soldered circuit boards. Students also got to work in the test where they calibrated and tested defense electronics.

Students are looking forward to participating at Processed Metals Innovators in Bloomer, where they will learn about steel fabrication and metal stamping. For more information about the Manufacturing Boot Camp please contact Alyssa Kellagher, Exploring Executive for the Chippewa Valley Council at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (715) 832-6711.

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