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CCEDC's President/CEO, Charlie Walker traveled to Madison to attend the 20th Annual Governor's Conference on Economic Development- the conference was held February 11-13, 2015 at the Monona Terrance Community and Convention Center and is hosted by the Wisconsin Economic Development Association.

The 3-day educational and networking event offers sessions on the most important economic development topics, trends, and issues- as well as allows attendees to network with other Wisconsin economic development professionals to collaborate and gain insight. The 2015 main topics were workforce & talent-challenges and how to connect education and workforce, the BioScience Industry-the sizable growth of the industry in Wisconsin and best practices moving forward, attraction- economic and talent development strategies, and best practices in manufacturing and economic development.

CCEDC attends this conference annually and feels the educational sessions and networking opportunities benefit Chippewa County’s economic development efforts and activities.

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