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6 More Weeks?!

Groundhog Day is a long standing tradition with German roots where Punxsutawney Phil emerges and if he sees his shadow due to clear skies and sunshine, it is predicted that there will be 6 more weeks of winter. If it is cloudy, and there isn’t a shadow to be found, it is said that we will have an early spring. More often than not, he sees his shadow. This year, Phil again saw his shadow. 6 more weeks of winter it is. For some, that is not the news they want to hear, but for others they embrace the winter. There are so many fun events that are planned in the next couple of weeks to make the colder weather a tad more tolerable. See below for a few events and ideas for [...]

6 More Weeks?!2023-02-03T17:00:44-06:00

Housing Preservation

Dave Armstrong of Barron County Economic Development (via zoom), Aaron White with the City of Eau Claire Economic Development, and Charles Walker with Chippewa Economic Development hosted a Momentum West panel discussion. The discussion focused on possible community based solutions in housing and their importance to Business Expansion and Retention as well as Site Selection in economic development. The panel also covered a a few of the Wisconsin Economic Development's Associations legislative priorities as they tied in with this important topic. Over one hundred stakeholders attended the Housing Solutions Forum held on campus at UW Stout. Great event.. that helps keep West Wisconsin Moving Forward Together!

Housing Preservation2023-01-25T11:43:03-06:00

CEDC: A Resource

Throughout the Chippewa Valley there are various services for businesses to utilize that many may not know about. From startups to existing businesses facing challenges, don’t fret, there are resources available to you. The Chippewa Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) is one of those resources that provides business consulting, help with grants and funding, site selection assistance, keynote speaking, as well as mentorship programs and various other services to the Chippewa Valley (free of charge might I add). Just a phone call away, we are able to assist you if you have any questions or need a bit of guidance. The CEDC also coordinates Lunch & Learns with local businesses and professionals. The topics of these Lunch & Learns vary throughout the year from marketing series to human resources, energy programs to recovery coaching, [...]

CEDC: A Resource2023-01-23T11:23:32-06:00

…and a Happy New Year!

Although you can reset at any time throughout the year, there is just something ideal about the first of the year to set goals and make plans. It is especially refreshing when the 1st lands in the beginning of the week. With a combination of a positive attitude and a little ambition, one can kick off the year with a fresh mindset and goals to match. The power of attraction comes in to play when planning and manifesting one’s year. Believing in yourself and aligning your life with what you want and desire can be a powerful tool in making your dreams come to fruition. Here are some helpful tips to begin the new year: Write your plans and goals down. Whether you prefer a physical planner and pen or the calendar on [...]

…and a Happy New Year!2023-01-17T11:50:20-06:00

Governor Approves Expansion for Stanley

The City of Stanley is on Santa’s nice list as Governor Tony Evers announced the State Building Commission approved a $16.5 million health building addition at the Stanley Correctional Institution. With funding finally approved after 3 years in the making, construction is expected to be completed in May of 2025. This addition is proof that the initial investment of the prison is paying off and will continue to be a state asset. This was a major CEDC legislative priority where the Advocacy Committee continued to push for its development. The Committee would like to thank Governor Evers and our legislative delegation for investing in the City of Stanley and its largest employer.

Governor Approves Expansion for Stanley2022-12-28T14:24:08-06:00

Happy Christmas!

Maggie will tell you that the first Christmas card ever published had contained the common holiday phrase “A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”. Being a dog that loves Christmas she would also remind you that since the early 1500’s "Merry Christmas" has been the standard greeting during the month of December. I recently returned from England and was brought up to speed on why there is a difference between “Happy Christmas” and “Merry Christmas.” On a tour of London, the conversation came up of King Henry VIII’s top advisor-Thomas Cromwell who used the phrase and during the time the famous carol “We Wish You a Merry Christmas," became popular. The phrase “Merry Christmas” was made even more popular when it was used as a proper greeting in Charles Dickens’ famous tale [...]

Happy Christmas!2022-12-28T14:16:59-06:00

Chippewa Communities Benefit from Fiber-optic Broadband

Not everyone agrees with the phrase “build it and they will come,” but most people who work to grow the local economy agreed that health care, emergency services, educational institutions, and housing are all essential to attracting businesses and growing jobs in a community. Just as important as sewer, water, and roads-most everyone also agrees that broadband is an essential infrastructure component for economic growth. In other words, building-out broadband does not create certainty in business expansion wins, it is merely necessary to be able to be on the short list for a location. The Chippewa Economic Development Corporation has spent the last several years pushing the importance of broadband expansion in the Chippewa Valley. CEDC has worked with Bloomer Telephone in the past by conducting a business roundtable, hosting elected officials, and [...]

Chippewa Communities Benefit from Fiber-optic Broadband2022-12-21T17:10:27-06:00

Farm Technology Days Unwraps the Secret

Along with cookies and milk, this holiday season the local Wisconsin Farm Technology Days (WFTD) Committee continued their work alongside the Chippewa Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) in identifying the location for the 2024 Wisconsin Farm Technology Days show to be hosted in Chippewa County. Recently, they held a press conference at Chippewa Valley Electric Cooperative's (CVEC) office in Cornell, WI to "unwrap" or reveal the host farm and the venue. The committee is proud to announce that it has chosen a date and location. Scheduled for August 13-15, 2024, at the Country/Rock Fest grounds in Cadott, Wisconsin (WI). Set on 360 acres of field, this fitting venue has been hosting events since 1987 and has a history of partnering with its neighbor, Close Farms which the committee has named as the host farm [...]

Farm Technology Days Unwraps the Secret2022-12-16T17:26:35-06:00

Give Thanks

With so much to be thankful for, we want to reflect on just how fortunate we are. Behind the scenes, it takes many educators, board members, investors, staff, and other community members to make what we do here at the Chippewa Economic Development Corporation a success. It is encouraging to see that so many people want to be involved in our beloved Chippewa Valley community. By bringing in both talent and capital to the area, we are building a foundation to ensure we will have a healthy economy for generations to come. This is what makes the Chippewa Valley a great place to raise a family and do business. We are forever grateful to be a part of such an amazing community that provides great opportunities for businesses and families alike. From all [...]

Give Thanks2022-11-23T11:48:36-06:00

Boots on the Ground! We Fare Well!

As the primary economic development driver of Chippewa County-CEDC has a mission to lead economic growth by: (1) attracting and sustaining industries that support job creation, (2) foster strong businesses through our BEAR Program ensuring our existing companies continue to connect, grow, and prosper here, and (3) continue to create a culture that engages, retains, and expands our local talent/workforce so we are always a prosperous and thriving community. The first strategy (attraction) is a way in which CEDC continues to grow the local tax base and economy. By assisting in attracting new companies to our region- more jobs and capital investments are realized in Chippewa— this helps engage our existing businesses and industries who tend to be a part of the targeted company’s supply chain. In short this strategy helps our local [...]

Boots on the Ground! We Fare Well!2022-11-18T14:37:20-06:00


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