CCEDC and CESA 10 host Central Region Business & Industry Luncheon

While Wisconsin continues to experience substantial growth in the manufacturing, construction, healthcare, engineering and many others industries the pace of change continues to accelerate as we prepare tomorrow's workers for their future jobs, some which do not even exist yet. Many middle schools, high schools and post-secondary institutions are quickly adapting their programs and curriculum to best prepare our students for these new advancements and environments that are developing right here in Wisconsin. To help strengthen our local employers and district stakeholders Chippewa County Economic Development Corporation (CCEDC) and CESA 10 hosted a seminar on February 12th, 2020 where over a dozen businesses and district leaders gathered for a conversation regarding "Central Region Business & Industry." This seminar luncheon provided district stakeholders valuable feedback from Chippewa County companies on their labor market needs, [...]

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The Review Said What?!? Strategies for Confronting Negative Online Reviews

2020 is starting out great for the BEAR Business Expansion and Retention Lunch & Learn Programs! CCEDC knows that the strong "engines" of our local economy are our existing businesses. Helping them stay in "know" learn strategies to help them grow is what our BEAR Program is all about. CCEDC organized the most recent BEAR lunch & learn was to assist local businesses on how to deal with less-than flattering feedback from online reviews. Presented by Dr. Emily Elsner Twesme owner and operator of Bright Business Consulting the program was held at the The Hive (formerly Deb's Cafe') in Lake Hallie, Wisconsin. Over 17 Business representatives attended discussed reviewing and addressing on-line negative feedback, importance of gathering information on what is being said online about their business and learned steps to implement a [...]

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BEAR Lunch Dialog

CCEDC’s economic development programs prioritize business expansion and retention (BEAR) above all else. Estimates show that approximately 60-80 percent of  all new jobs in a rural community are created through the expansion of the existing businesses that are already here. Chippewa County’s existing employers are the foundation of our local economy and must be supported through a strong BEAR program. The areas existing clusters of precision manufacturers, technology/e-commerce businesses, value-added agriculture/food processors, and healthcare employers are the backbone of our Chippewa economy. On January 29th, 2020-BEAR endeavors continued in New Auburn, Wisconsin where over a dozen business leaders gathered for a conversation about “Attracting the Modern Employee.” As part of the BEAR Lunch and Learn series-Justin Vajko the Chief Conversationalist of the Dialog Design Company led the group though a discussion that highlighted [...]

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Discovering Export Opportunities in Central Europe

The potential exists to increase local companies’ sales through exporting. CCEDC hosted a round table discussion where over a dozen Chippewa Valley companies asked questions about the advantages of exporting their products to Central Europe. Paul Smerda, the Senior Manager at Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) European Trade Representative Firm in Berlin, Germany lead a discussion and answered questions concerning the upcoming WEDC trade venture to Germany in June 2020, market trends, and recommended pro-active sales strategies for doing business in countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, and Scandinavia. Wisconsin has a history of strong German immigration and shares many similarities such as a strong manufacturing base, an emphasis on quality, and instilling a strong work ethic. In 2018 Germany was Wisconsin’s 4th largest trading partner exporting $814 million worth of goods and [...]

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Farm Ventilation Business Expands In Chippewa Falls

Chippewa Falls, WI (December 2nd, 2020) – A Chippewa Falls manufacturer is planning a $9 million expansion that will allow the company to double its staff. A groundbreaking ceremony is scheduled for December 14th. VES has completed an agreement to purchase a 12.4 acre parcel in the Lake Wissota Business Park from Chippewa County for $1, said Chippewa County Supervisor, Steve Gerrish. The property is in one of the city’s tax-increment financing districts. VES designs ventilation systems for barns and agricultural buildings, which improves the overall quality of life for animals. Their website states, “our direct drive fans pull fresh air into the structure, direct the air in waves to cow level, and then remove the dirty, heated air. Fresh air keeps your cows body temperatures down, keeps bedding dry, helps prevent diseases from [...]

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Feasibility Business Park Site Visit

Chippewa County is on the cusp of expanding on its recent economic boom, the President/CEO of the Chippewa County Economic Development Corporation(CCEDC)-Charlie Walker said. According to Walker, “The county began the process of looking into the feasibility of adding or building another Certified Shovel Ready Business Park because in part of the most recent success of the current Lake Wissota Business Park." Chippewa County officials want to expand on that success by making room for more businesses. As part of that process Chippewa County hired a consultant to look at the feasibility of such a project. CCEDC organized meetings between businesses, elected leaders, site selectors and other economic development stakeholders to gather input and feedback for the new business/industrial park. The consultants and CCEDC spent two days touring Chippewa County looking at current [...]

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Winter 2019 Newsletter

Hot off the press, the CCEDC Winter 2019 Newsletter  is available now. Catch up on the latest news in BEAR, site visits, Chippewa Valley awards, CCEDC Board Retreat, and more! Stop in our office or read it now.  

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Consultant Connect celebrates the nation’s top 50 economic developers of 2019 at ECONOMIX

Consultant Connect helped celebrate the nation’s top 50 economic developers of 2019 at ECONOMIX. ECONOMIX is a blending of economic development professionals, coming together to stir additional insights and practical tools to enhance work in their respective communities. ECONOMIX featured over 24 site consultants who are working to get deals done and are ready to bring economic development to the highest standards. These are the men and women nominated by their colleagues, friends and site consultants who are movers and shakers in their communities. Chippewa County Economic Development Corporation (CCEDC) is proud to share that our very own Charlie Walker, President/CEO was honored in Charleston, South Carolina for his outstanding work! CCEDC is fortunate to have Charlie leading the organization. Charlie is knowledgeable in every realm of what it means to be an [...]

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LaGrander’s Hillside Dairy, Inc. in Stanley, WI

LaGrander's Hillside Dairy, Inc. started small, but today they run around a million pounds of milk per day. Growing up directly above his family’s cheese factory in Stanley, Wisconsin, Master Cheesemaker Ryan LaGrander learned early on that the cheese life is harder than it looks. “It all started because my grandpa made the decision to be a cheesemaker and buy a plant – he was gonna do it for himself,” Ryan says. “It’s pretty amazing that they took it from where it was to where we are now.” Ryan adds, “there were times when people didn’t show up to work and my dad would come wake us up,” Ryan remembers. “You have to wax cheese all morning when you’re 12 years old.” Their family legacy comes through in their spectacular cheeses, including fresh curds [...]

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Thank You

As we begin to review the accomplishments of 2019, the CCEDC will be closed on November 28 & 29 in observance of the Thanksgiving Holiday. We will reopen on December 2nd and we are extremely THANKFUL for all our investors, stakeholders, supports, and volunteers. It is because of you and your efforts of building prosperity and enhancing the quality of life in the Chippewa Valley that we exist. By continuing to support us- the local economy continues to grow, and those efforts help the Wisconsin Economy to do the same, which in turn helps make our nation a better place. Thank You and be safe.

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