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CCEDC Attends CVTC Breakfast

In the morning on October 5th, CVTC officially kicked off manufacturing month by inviting the local business community to gather, network, eat some breakfast, and tour the new manufacturing facilities. Attendees got to tour the brand-new Automated Fabrication Lab, complete with robotic MIG welders, and attend a short workshop about safety training in the workplace. The Automated Fabrication Lab will allow students to gain experience on machines that closely resemble what they may work on after graduation. The CCEDC attended this event because the Chippewa Valley economy is heavily dependent on its talent pipeline. CVTC is actively making the process easier for one to get an education and get a job in their field. In fact, 92 percent of graduates are able to find work in six months. 88 percent of those people [...]

CCEDC Attends CVTC Breakfast2021-10-05T10:05:26-05:00

Manufacturing Day: A Celebration for Generations

As some of you may know, Manufacturing Day is on October 1, and it kicks off Manufacturing Month (October). Manufacturing is a highly critical industry, and it is more widespread than you think. Manufacturing is looking towards the next generation of workers for help, and Manufacturing Day was established nationally to teach the next generation about the workforce and the many, many avenues one can take. According to the Manufacturing Institute, companies currently have 900,000 open jobs nationwide, and that will go up to 4 million by the end of the decade. The establishment of Manufacturing Month has helped with this, and the CCEDC works hard to honor the manufacturing industry in the Chippewa Valley not only during October, but all year. If you live in the Chippewa Valley and you are either [...]

Manufacturing Day: A Celebration for Generations2021-10-01T18:11:15-05:00

Fanfare for our Farmers: Sep 27 – Oct 3 Declared Agricultural Tourism Week

Did you know that the state of Wisconsin has 64,000 farms and agriculture makes up for 12 percent of the workforce? Well now you do! Agriculture is extremely important to the health of the state's economy, and our farmers work hard to put food on people's tables. The industry generates $104 billion to the economy annually, making development in other areas possible. The CCEDC is proud to support Agricultural Tourism Week and Wisconsin's farmers. We understand that the economy is dependent upon key industries, like agriculture, and we strive to do everything we can to support them.

Fanfare for our Farmers: Sep 27 – Oct 3 Declared Agricultural Tourism Week2021-09-29T09:24:34-05:00

CCEDC Hosts BEAR Lunch & Learn

On September 21st, we held a BEAR Lunch & Learn in our conference room, and invited John Lake to come and speak about an entrepreneurship implementation program called EOS. Attendees learned about the six key components of a successful business, how to manage issues, and how to get the right people in the right seats. Lake also talked about the ways that an issue can be diagnosed, and what the best practices are for identifying, discussing, and solving these issues. Out next BEAR Lunch & Learn is the first of four workshops that focus on improving, growing, and transitioning a business, and it's taking place on October 5th at 11:30 am. Stay tuned for event updates and details!

CCEDC Hosts BEAR Lunch & Learn2021-09-21T13:59:11-05:00

CCEDC Layover at Business at the Airport

The CCEDC was proud to sponsor and host a table outside of the Hanger 54 restaurant at the Chippewa Valley Regional Airport. We answered questions about what we do, and handed out Annual Reports, our latest newsletter, and some other swag! Being at the airport allowed us to network again in-person, and brought us closer to our business community. We are so grateful for opportunities to network. Stay tuned - we have more events in store!

CCEDC Layover at Business at the Airport2021-09-16T09:23:25-05:00

Chippewa Valley is “Back in the Saddle”

On August 27, 2021, the CCEDC hosted their Annual Meeting at the Northern Wisconsin State Fairgrounds, getting the area's economy "Back in the Saddle." Over 200 people were in attendance, namely UW-Stout Chancellor Katherine Frank, WEDA Secretary Rebecca Cooke, Chippewa County Economic Development Chair Lee McMenamin, State Representatives Jesse James and Rob Summerfield, and State Senator Kathleen Bernier. The primary goal of the Annual Meeting is to get people who would not normally interact in a normal setting to network, forge new relationships, and nurture existing partnerships. This was achieved by sitting different industries at the same table, and allowing sufficient time before and during the event for networking and discussion. Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers made a special appearance at the event and spoke about the legislative priorities during the pandemic, the importance [...]

Chippewa Valley is “Back in the Saddle”2021-09-01T11:29:36-05:00

Mason Companies Breaks Ground on New Building

One of our main objectives is helping our existing businesses find a home for their facilities when they outgrow their current space, and they cannot expand at their current location. When existing businesses expand, they bring new investment. New investment in the Chippewa Valley is crucial to the consistent economic development of the area. In August, Mason Companies held a ground breaking ceremony in celebration of their newest expansion to the Lake Wissota Business Park [LWBP] in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. The CCEDC assisted Hoeft Builders and Mason Companies in planning and organizing the ceremony. Over 100 people attended, including Wisconsin Senator Kathy Bernier, Representative Rob Summerfield, and Chippewa Falls Mayor Greg Hoffman, along with President and CEO of the CCEDC, Charlie Walker. There were also executives from Hoeft, Mason, River Valley Architects, and [...]

Mason Companies Breaks Ground on New Building2021-08-20T13:04:07-05:00

CCEDC Welcomes Dr. Beaton-Garcia

On August 17, 2021, the CCEDC met with Chippewa Valley Technical College's new president, Dr. Sunem Beaton-Garcia, for introductions to CCEDC staff and board members over coffee. Afterward, President/CEO Charlie Walker and Angela Eckman, CVTC Chippewa Falls Campus Manager, toured President Beaton-Garcia around Chippewa County, highlighting the economic diversification and discussing workforce issues faced by county employers. Dr. Beaton-Garcia is originally from Florida, and is excited to experience living and working in Wisconsin full time. The CCEDC looks forward to future collaboration with Dr. Beaton-Garcia and with the Chippewa Valley Technical College.

CCEDC Welcomes Dr. Beaton-Garcia2021-08-17T14:16:26-05:00

BEAR Lunch & Learn: Talent in the Digital Age

Most people don't know that 85-95% of all job creation comes from a community's existing businesses. CCEDC gets it and understands that. That's why we work through our BEAR [Business Expansion and Retention] program to help them grow and expand. As a part of our mission, we aim to provide or direct our area's businesses to all the  available resources they could possibly need, especially in the areas of talent/workforce attraction and retention. Our BEAR Lunch & Learn events are designed to provide existing businesses with such relevant information so that our business community can apply it to their daily practices. Recently, a CCEDC BEAR Lunch & Learn centered around the topic of improving talent recruitment through digital marketing. Justin Vajko, owner of Dialog Design Co., led a fascinating discussion on talent in [...]

BEAR Lunch & Learn: Talent in the Digital Age2021-08-12T09:31:23-05:00

CCEDC Hosts State Legislative Update and Economic Development Listening Session

As part of our mission, the Chippewa County Economic Development Corporation [CCEDC] works hard to ensure that our local legislators have received input from Chippewa County businesses and that they better understand the issues impacting the Chippewa Valley entrepreneurs and small businesses. Recently, the CCEDC was able to do just that by organizing and hosting another Economic Development Round Table Listening Session. The CCEDC partnered with the Wisconsin Economic Development Association [WEDA] and invited Chippewa Valley legislators to the Rumor Mill Pub and Eatery in Chippewa Falls to meet with the CCEDC Advocacy Committee, CCEDC investors, and stakeholders. All Chippewa Valley elected officials were invited to participate in the round table. Senator Kathy Bernier, Representative David Armstrong (75), Representative Jesse James (68), and Representative Rob Summerfield (67) attended and fielded questions ranging from [...]

CCEDC Hosts State Legislative Update and Economic Development Listening Session2021-08-10T16:05:23-05:00

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