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Youth Entrepreneurship…a Sweet thing!

Fostering entrepreneurship is essential for any community to grow, no more so is this true than in rural areas like Chippewa County. It takes a certain type of person that wants to create new products or services. These entrepreneurs stimulate new employment, which positively impacts our economic growth. So, it makes sense that the sooner entrepreneurs are cultivated, fostered, incubated, and supported-the more benefits our local region will receive. One does not need to look far to find success stories of young adults that have taken the entrepreneurial route. According to - Hart Main created manly-scented candles when he was 13 only after he kept teasing his sister about her girly-smelling candles. Then there is Caine Monroy, who transitioned some space in his father’s auto parts store into a makeshift arcade at [...]

Youth Entrepreneurship…a Sweet thing!2021-04-20T16:26:59-05:00

Governor Evers Stresses Importance of Wisconsin Infrastructure While Fixing Potholes

Governor Evers spent the afternoon in Chippewa Falls, WI with a shovel in his hand while discussing the importance of Wisconsin’s infrastructure alongside Department of Transportation Secretary Craig Thompson. The duo is touring the state while fixing potholes to promote the governor’s proposed roads budget for 2021-2023. Evers and Thompson also made stops in Wausau and Appleton. Evers discussed repairing bridges, roads, and investing in our transportation throughout the state as local communities like Chippewa Falls need reliable infrastructure to allow people to safely get to point A to point B. “Thompson and I want to emphasize that we feel very strongly about this issue. The hard work for repairs is done by local workers, municipalities, and cities as they are responsible for this. The state has to do their job to financially [...]

Governor Evers Stresses Importance of Wisconsin Infrastructure While Fixing Potholes2021-03-31T13:51:32-05:00

BEAR Discussion Podcasts – Most Recent Episode

Charlie Walker and a variety of special co-hosts travel throughout the Chippewa Valley having BEAR Discussions that are informative, entertaining, and interactive. Business Expansion AND Retention (BEAR) is an economic development strategy that proactively connects existing businesses with each other to discuss, share ideas, and improve community collaboration. Through these discussions the audience will gain motivation, insight, and appreciation for entrepreneurs and the important role that businesses play in developing a community-highlighting why the Chippewa Valley is a great place to raise a family and a business! Listen and enjoy our latest BEAR Discussion below! To hear past BEAR Discussions, visit our Podcast hosting site: Spreaker.

BEAR Discussion Podcasts – Most Recent Episode2021-03-19T13:48:27-05:00

Chippewa Valley YouthBuild Addresses Labor Shortages and Skills Gaps

In speaking with Chippewa Valley contractors one topic continues to rise to the top…..rising costs of lumber and steel! In recent weeks steel price increases have caused many contractors to rework the material costs on their jobs. Lumber prices, which skyrocketed upward at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 began to come back down around the end of the summer of 2020.  Currently both the lumber and steel prices have taken off again surging 20% to 25%. Experts predict that lumber and steel prices will remain elevated into 2022, but lower than the current extreme rates. According to the Producer Price Index, softwood lumber prices increased 73% while Iron and steel scrap jumped 50% over the past year. Many potential homeowners are rapidly being forced out of the market due to these [...]

Chippewa Valley YouthBuild Addresses Labor Shortages and Skills Gaps2021-03-12T12:20:01-06:00

Happy International Women’s Day!

CCEDC would like to wish a Happy International Women's Day! It is important to celebrate the women who lead, inspire and achieve every day!  This year's theme is #ChoosetoChallenge, calling on us all to think critically about our own thoughts and actions and how we can better promote gender inequality and celebrate women's achievements. We can all choose to seek out and celebrate women‘s achievements here in the Chippewa Valley and beyond. Collectively, we can all help create an inclusive world. From challenge comes change, so let’s all choose to challenge!

Happy International Women’s Day!2021-03-08T16:09:49-06:00

SMART (BEAR) Discussions

Business Expansion And Retention (BEAR) is a CCEDC economic development strategy that proactively connects with existing businesses to understand and respond to their needs. Special attention is given to our small businesses that employ 150 individuals or less. These existing small businesses and their workforce are key measuring sticks of the Chippewa Valley’s economic health.  It is important that CCEDC continues to build positive relationships with our local businesses, connect with them regularly, and follow up with them when problems are identified. CCEDC aims to proactively address small issues before they arise and become big issues that may impact critical business activities. This is what BEAR Discussions are all about! These (BEAR) discussions center around improving relationships with local governments, educational institutions, and supply chains.  CEDCC would like to thank Klaus Bauer of [...]

SMART (BEAR) Discussions2021-02-10T16:40:06-06:00

Hammerin’ Hank in the Chippewa Valley

February marks Black History Month, a federally recognized, nationwide celebration that calls on all Americans to reflect on the significant roles that African-Americans have played in shaping US history. But how did this celebration come to be - and how has it shaped the Chippewa Valley by one local legend? Carter G. Woodson, considered a pioneer in the study of African-American history, is given much of the credit for Black History Month. The story begins in 1915, half a century after the Thirteenth Amendment abolished slavery in the United States. Disturbed that history textbooks largely ignored America's black population, Woodson took on the challenge of writing black Americans into the nation's history. That September, the Harvard-trained historian Carter G. Woodson and the prominent minister Jesse E. Moorland founded the Association for the Study of Negro Life and [...]

Hammerin’ Hank in the Chippewa Valley2021-02-05T09:58:03-06:00

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Planning to Invest $22 Million into the Chippewa Falls facility

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company (HPE) in Chippewa Falls, WI. announces plans to invest $22 million into their Chippewa Falls facility formerly run by supercomputing company Cray Inc. to turn it into high-performance computing center of excellence and create more jobs in the process. The computer technology company will receive $8 million in Enterprise Zone tax credits over the next five years under an incentive package approved by Governor Tony Evers and the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) board of directors. Under the plan approved the Chippewa Falls location would be designated as the Enterprise Zone (EZ) and continue retaining its current workforce of almost 500 high-paying jobs in Chippewa County. The company plans to establish the Chippewa Falls site and invest millions in improvements, moves that would create 30 new jobs. HPE’s renewed [...]

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Planning to Invest $22 Million into the Chippewa Falls facility2021-01-27T12:31:36-06:00

Chippewa Historical Center Continues Progressing

The Chippewa Valley has a long history of business, entrepreneurial and community prosperity over its history. To help preserve, celebrate and display of the area’s history the Chippewa County WI Genealogical Society embarked on construction of a new Chippewa Area Historical Center. Located outside the entrance of Irvine Park the center was designed by CBS2 of Chippewa Falls. The company has a long tradition of supporting Chippewa County Economic Development Corporation (CCDEC), and the surrounding communities. The 19,000-square-foot History Center will include exterior design elements from the Chippewa Lumber and Boom Company, which was promoted as the largest sawmill in the world under one roof. The building also features large spaces for events highlighting local history, meeting rooms and a wide array of other informational and educational attractions. Construction of the new Chippewa [...]

Chippewa Historical Center Continues Progressing2021-01-26T14:09:29-06:00

Indianhead Plating of Chippewa Falls Purchased by Pioneer Metal Finishing’s of Green Bay, Wisconsin

Indianhead Plating, Inc located in Chippewa County, Wisconsin has been in business for over 42 years. The company employees over 90 people in a 120,000 sq/ft facility located in Chippewa Falls. Founded in 1978, the plant operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week and has become the leading chrome plating provider in the Upper Midwest. Indianhead provides chrome plating, roll services, cylindrical grinding, and other related processes to customers in the agricultural, heavy equipment and general industrial end markets nationwide. John Altmann, Owner of Indianhead, recently announced that he had sold the company to Pioneer stating, "I feel this is the perfect fit for Indianhead Plating and the Pioneer team. Pioneer continues to grow as a strategic consolidator of market leaders in the plating and finishing industry.” Headquartered in Green Bay, [...]

Indianhead Plating of Chippewa Falls Purchased by Pioneer Metal Finishing’s of Green Bay, Wisconsin2021-01-13T14:34:38-06:00
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